Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation Process

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation Process

The deployment procedure of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is fast due to the cloud architecture that adds this ERP system to all of your devices without installation. Yet, it is only a part of the implementation. The implementation itself is a complex process aiming to prepare your business for digital migration and adjust the functionality of Microsoft’s software to the needs of your enterprise.

Your Goals vs Microsoft Dynamics 365 Capabilities

Just like with any other project, the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 can only be successful if you set a realistic and measurable objective. To make it realistic, you should conduct an extensive overview of both your company and the functionality offered by Microsoft Dynamics 365. Think about what should be improved in your company and how a new ERP system will help you with it.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has a variety of modules that can be implemented as a complete suite or as separate apps. While the first option will allow you to use the full potential of Microsoft’s system, it does not necessarily mean you need all of the modules. Some enterprises might find certain apps extremely helpful, while for others they will be redundant.

One of the simplest ways to make your goal measurable is to set a timeframe for the project.

Building a Cross-Functional Project Team

The success of the implementation process in your company also depends on your team. A great role belongs to technical consultants, for instance, official Microsoft partners such as XPLUS assisting organizations on their path to digital transition with a new ERP system. Still, the staff of your company matter a lot as well.

It is highly recommended to include representatives of every department of your company in your implementation team, especially the employees with deep knowledge of the business. While technical specialists will help you to fit the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to the needs of your company, it is the staff who will help to identify these needs in the first place.

Furthermore, you can encourage any employees with a strong interest in technology to participate in the implementation process too. Some of them might be willing to train to use the ERP system on a more advanced level and assist other users in your company. You can create more opportunities for them to expand their knowledge and have additional earnings.

Data Preparation

Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation cannot be successful if the data for the system is not prepared carefully. The quality of your data will affect all of the business flows in the system. Irrelevant and outdated information can disrupt the processes and have serious consequences for your company, whereas duplicative data will reduce the system’s performance and make any task more time-consuming.

Data preparation might be a tedious process and it will need the attention of the staff from all of the company’s departments. Yet, this step has to be completed.

Tests and Evaluation

Since Microsoft Dynamics 365 is software supporting the core processes of your business, you should make sure it interacts with your data in the desired way before going live in your company. To do it, you will need to perform testing, which can be either manual or automated. While manual testing is still useful for certain software, it is not advised to utilize such methods for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

This suite has vast functionality and it is under constant improvement. In practice, this means that testing your ERP system will be essential not only during its implementation but also through its entire lifecycle in your organization. For that reason, it will be sensible to think about automation that will help you to reduce the costs of frequent testing.

Remember to keep on testing the ERP system even before any Microsoft updates. Evaluate the results you will be getting to understand whether the software indeed works properly and if any customization is required.

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