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Facebook has suffered its biggest reputation crisis this 2021 due to the revelations of Frances Haugen , a former employee of the company, and the leak of internal reports that assured that Instagram is harmful to mental health . Twitter has also been in the news this 2021.

Meanwhile, YouTube has been growing for the past 3 years. Lots of people from other platforms are going to use YouTube as their main platform. Biggest internet influencers are investing in YouTube, since youtube users will grow by 35-45% in 2023. If you want to earn money by creating content, buy likes for YouTube videos to gain popularity easily.

What is clear is that social networks are in the spotlight. The profile of users is changing: they ask for more control to make their own decisions and not depend on algorithms. TikTok was the quintessential social network of 2020. This 2021 has been Twitch. What will be next?

The social network that will set the trend in 2022 will be Substack, with a clear mechanism for generating relevant content, monetization for authors and audience management. competition in the network market -which seeks to capture the attention of users- “is very fierce and forces new platforms to add new features, scale appropriately if it has strong growth and have adequate monetization mechanisms” . 

Although Instagram and TikTok will continue to be the highlights, Meta will seek to clear its name and regain lost confidence. “There is a lot of work to be done to change internal practices that point in the same direction: the lack of ethical values ​​in the organization and of responsibility. As long as there are no real changes, regulators will continue to impose relevant fines (and hopefully not reduced later) 

Businesses will lead the fight against climate change 

The COP26 Climate Summit held in Glasgow this 2021 has shown the lack of commitment of governments to curb global warming. After the failure of governments, companies will become the leaders in the fight against climate change, adopting the circular economy and practices of responsible use of technology.

Technology offers mechanisms to curb global warming . However, the same technology can also significantly affect our fight against climate change. Without going any further, this 2021, the Chinese government modified its climate for the celebrations of the Communist Party through geoengineering. 

Performing this type of intervention on a recurring basis can have catastrophic consequences. It may seem alarmist if only this particular intervention – that of the Chinese government – is taken into account, but it is similar to the individual effect of each of our factories, cars, planes and other factors that affect the client. “The effect of a car seems minor, but by accumulating we are talking about a relevant factor whose effect is perceived on a time scale that sometimes it is difficult for humans to perceive,”

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