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Poker is a card game that is widely famous whether it is live or online. Poker games online are partly responsible for the huge growth in the number of players across the globe. One has to be skilled with the hint of luck in this game. The players have to form the sets of five playing cards. These sets are called hands. Each of the hands has a rank that is compared with other hands who participate in the showdown to know who wins the table. In the high games like Texas hold ’em, or poker-based casino games, the highest hand-ranking holder wins the game. The ranking of poker hands categorizes the kind of hands one can play. If we talk about a common hand-ranking system of poker, it is something that underlies all forms of play by categorizing the strength of the different poker hands. Hence, a player may recognize which of these hands is the best. 

Here is an ultimate guide to knowing more about the best poker hand rankings to win every game. Here is the classification from powerful to the weakest poker hands. 

Royal Flush

The Royal Flush is the top ranking of poker hands as the best possible one can have. It includes five continual cards that have a similar suit with the value from 10s to Ace. It comprises Ace, King, Jack, Queen, and 10 of the common suit. If a person manages to play with this hand, this will become a winning situation for him with all the money in the pot. 

Straight Flush

To connect cards in a set with similar suits is a Straight Flush. Any 5 cards that are not in the Royal Flush with the series in the common suit as 2,3,4,5, and 6. It can be a winning Poker hand if none of the players have Royal Flush. This can be beaten only by another Straight Flush or the Royal Flush that includes high-ranking cards. 

Four of a Kind

The Four of a Kind ranks third among this series of poker hand rankings. It is the common card in all four suits. The best Four of a Kind poker hand may have Ace with King, Queen, Jacks, or 10s. The five-card hand is completed by the highest cards that are in your hand or on the table. 

Full House

Full-House sits on 4th rank in this series of the order rankings of the hand. A hand consists of the common value cards in three unique suits and the similar ranking cards of a different pair in two different suits. The winning hand is the one that has the highest value Three of a kind when more than one player in the game has a Full house such as a set of three 4s or two 5s. The best possible hand may include 3 Aces and 2 Kings. 


The five cards of seriated numerical values are made from more than one suit that is straight. All these have to be in the correct ranking order. An Ace can rank higher or lower but not both that are in the common hand. The best poker hand possibly may consist of Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10. 


In poker, a Flush comprises the five cards of the thirteen cards in any order with a similar suit. Of the two players, the one with the highest valued card wins the poker hand such as ten, five, three, and two. If there is more than 1 player with Flush as a Poker hand, the card rank will be considered rather than the suit. 

Three of a Kind

This is among the most common hands in poker. The 3 cards with a similar rank in three separate suits are contained in poker hands. Besides the three of a kind, the 2 available cards with high or higher value complete the hand. If there are three Jacks with a 3 or 7, there will be a Three of a Kind poker hand. 


One-pair is one of the easiest hands in poker. It has a pair of cards in separate suits with a similar rank. Having the two Aces would be the best hand possibly you can have. From the three available highest-ranking cards, the remainder is formed. If more than one player has One-Pair hands, the value of the highest cards here determines the winner. 

Two Pair

In Two Pair, it consists of two separate sets of 2 cards with the unique ranks – a pair of 2s and a couple of 7s with another card makes this hand a Two Pair. With the help of the cards on the table, you can create the Two Pair. The remaining card with the high rank completes the hand. 

High Card

A high card is the lowest possible ranked hand among the all. Not even a single card here is related in this sequence to each other. The available highest card in the hand is the best hand. In such cases, It will determine the value of the hands. It is then a King of Spades. If the two or more people have this poker hand, the Queen-high hand will always be beaten by the King-high hand. 

In live or online poker, it is important to know how to handle cards when it comes to winning this game. Only luck factor doesn’t work in poker, the one should be skilled for sure. So, having strong and in-depth knowledge of the ranking along with the orders is a must. Then only you can get the best possible hands in order to win the pot. In online poker, you win the real cash by having the right knowledge of Poker hand rankings. Poker is available on one of the leading and safe gaming platforms. You can also have more fun and rewards on such gaming platforms. 

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