How is it possible to be an accountant in Australia?

If working with accounting in Australia is your dream, know that it could be getting closer and closer to becoming a reality. The country has great opportunities open to immigrants, which can help you take a big step in your professional life.

Whether for those who want to start studying Accounting or a postgraduate course, or for professionals who want a job in Australia, the period is very promising.

In this article, we will show you how it is possible to be an accountant in Australia and the advantages of pursuing this career. Follow up!

How is it possible to work in Australia?

Working in Australia is possible as long as you meet certain requirements. Basic knowledge of English is one of them, as the language is essential for maintaining a conversation and understanding Australians.

If you don’t have a mastery of the language yet, your journey can start with General English courses. In addition, to start exercising a professional activity abroad, it is necessary to take some legal precautions. In Australia, being on a visa suitable for some type of work is essential.

The student visa, for example, allows the international student to work up to 40 fortnightly hours. The Working and Holiday visa allows the tourist to work full-time. It is also possible to apply for a work visa, if the necessary requirements are met.

There is also a new exception, valid until June 30, 2023, for students in Australia. Until that date, the working day may exceed 40 hours a fortnight.

The Working Holiday Visa authorizes a tourist to carry out professional activities during their stay in the country. All this with the aim of expanding experiences and knowledge in the career.

What is the average salary for an accountant in Australia?

The advantages of working with accounting in Australia are also not few. After all, the Australian job market is very attractive to accountants, especially when it comes to financial returns.

On average, those who work in the accounting area are able to receive up to AU$80,000.00 per year. This is equivalent to a salary about 3.7 times higher than that of a Brazilian accountant.

What are the advantages of working in Australia as an accountant?

It’s not just remuneration that offers benefits when deciding to work in accounting in Australia. Below, check out some more advantages of making this decision!

Professional improvement

Starting a career from scratching or working as an accountant in Australiaoffers many opportunities for new knowledge. This is a very important factor for professional improvement, leading the individual to constant development.

The experience obtained also counts a lot for the career, both for those who intend to obtain permanent residence in Australia and for those who plan to return to their home country after living abroad. Having a good resume is also a passport to better opportunities for professional growth.

Possibility of obtaining permanent residence

Speaking of living in Australia, by having a job, the chances of staying in the country are even greater. First, it is easier to get a permanent residency visa with a professional bond. In addition, you guarantee the resources you need to cover expenses and have a comfortable life.

Possibility of studies

Australia also gives the possibility to leverage studies. Torrens University Australia, for example, offers high-quality, internationally recognized undergraduate and master’s degrees in business, which open doors to  students.

Not to mention that it has campuses in several Australian cities, such as Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Adelaide and the Blue Mountains. All this with partial scholarships for Brazilians.

As you have seen, working with accounting in Australia is a reality for many professionals and the period is very promising to take a step further in your career. Therefore, it is worth taking the opportunity and planning to go in search of your professional success.

Do you want to know how to take the first step towards realizing your dream of working with accounting in Australia? Get in touch with an education consultant on, and find the accounting course that suits you best, so that you can study accounting in Australia.

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