Go local with Designer Kunbi Sarees and Mondrian Sarees 

The most incredible feature of our country is that every few kilometres, you’ll see a shift in the language or dialect, daily local recipes, and of course, traditional clothing styles. Each state has different crafts informing how the local attire is adorned.

The saree is a universal garment across India and has one-of-a-kind variations everywhere you go. The Kunbi saree is typical of the western stretch of the country, especially associated with Goa.

Shopping for sarees and ethnic party wear? Try designer collections inspired by traditional forms like the Kunbi saree. There are also sarees borrowing the beauty of modern artistic styles, such as Mondrian sarees.

Kunbi Saree

Shorter than the saree we know in the metropolises, Kunbi sarees are lengths of cotton fabric featuring distinct chequered prints and borders in shades of red with a dash of yellow, blue, green or cream tones. The vibrant colours were originally extracted from natural sources.

Kunbi sarees are created in a way to enable free movement while working in the fields and households. To turn Kunbi sarees into designer wear is a celebration of the tillers of our land who work long hours to grow our food. If you love handloom, you’ll love how the Kunbi saree has evolved in the hands of talented contemporary designers, with multiple experiments on the standard colour palette.

Discover interesting finds in soothing pastel shades – ivory, light olive, peach, pale teal, etc., and classic striped and chequered patterns. Dual-coloured sarees, with a subtle ombre effect on the border, look sophisticated and are a great choice on formal and significant occasions.

Kunbi sarees are comfortable in warm, humid climates and make the perfect summer wear. Mix and match the entire look with silver jewellery or handcrafted tribal accessories.

Mondrian Sarees

If you love patterns in solid colours and are an avid saree wearer, the Mondrian saree may be the perfect choice for the next event or party you’re headed to. As the name suggests, these designer sarees are inspired by the works of the 20th-century visual artist, Pete Mondrian: mainly, abstract geometric block patterns in primary colours and their combinations.

Whether the occasion is formal or casual, Mondrian sarees are sleek and fit right into the modern urban vibe. These trendsetters look fabulous at all times of the day. Mondrian sarees in silk and georgette are comfortable, chic, and complement different body types. Slay the evening, have great conversations over tea or drinks, dance in style, and host graciously with these unique, elegant sarees.

The beautiful flow and pops of colour of the Mondrian saree make it easy to pair with minimalist accessories. Wear your hair in a gracefully tucked-up bun, don some jewellery with a subtle shimmer and pull on your strappy heels – you’re now ready to be a showstopper.

Luxury Saree Shopping

Check out innovative styles inspired by handloom and fine art, such as the best in Kunbi and Mondrian-inspired sarees online in luxury collections by Wendell Rodricks, Puro Cosa, Aranyani and many others.

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