Fish Table Gambling Game Online Real Money At W88 Bookmaker

Besides entertainment platforms such as live casino, slot game, sportsbook, W88 bookie also provides players with fish games. This is an entertainment genre that is loved by many players, has attractive payouts and new versions are regularly updated. Fish table gambling game online real money at W88 is extremely diverse from content to form, the game has many outstanding colors and realistic sounds.

Currently, W88 has up to 3 large halls, each lobby will have different versions of fish table games, arranged by the publisher. Players can join the demo version before playing for real if they are not confident and experienced enough. Follow the article below to learn more about fish table games at W88 bookie!

What Is Fish Table Online?

Fish table online is an entertaining game suitable for many ages. The way to join the fish table online at W88 is very simple, players only need to register an account, recharge and buy weapons to hunt creatures, kill many fish. The amount of bonuses that players receive is based on the number of fish they catch.

If players like to join the fish table online, players can come to W88 and freely choose the version they feel is suitable. Such as:

Top The Fish Table Game Most Liked

W88 Indonesia offers a lot of new, convenient and beautifully designed online fish table versions. With these games, players can save a lot of time and effort, they don’t need to go to entertainment stores to participate. Instead, players just need to sit outside and perform a few simple operations to explore the ocean world in their own way.

Usually the rules of the fish table gambline game versions are quite similar, players just need to pay attention to the new features and the paytable of each fish. Each game will be divided into rooms, with different difficulty levels. Depending on the player’s ability, they choose a suitable room, players can choose a demo so they don’t have to waste money. Because with the demo, players do not need to deposit money and can still experience it easily, the level of authenticity is not inferior to the real version!

As mentioned, the number of online fish table games of W88 is extremely diverse, players have up to 3 platforms to choose from. At each platform, there will be different games and up to 2 demo versions and real versions, customers can freely experience. During the entertainment process, W88 is ready to support players at any time if the player has a need.

  • Caishen Fishing
  • Dragon Fishing II
  • Dragon Master
  • Fishing Yilufa

Tips To Play Fish Table Games Online

  • Finding the right time to hunt fish

The best time for players to kill fish is when the fish has just appeared on the screen. At that time, players only need to concentrate, observe and aim to shoot fish, the chance of success is very high. Players should pay attention to the speed of the fish’s movement, the size to use the right amount of ammunition, both to save costs and bring back attractive bonuses.

  • Choose the right target

Whether they are small fish or large fish, they can still bring high profits to players. However, players should not be too focused on the big fish while they do not have enough skills. Instead, players change the target to small fish, accumulating bonus points into huge amounts of money. In addition, when hunting small fish, players do not need to invest too much money, weapons and features, unfortunately, the player does not lose a lot of bullets.

  • Shoot fish swimming alone

Single fish is very suitable for small or medium ammunition. Usually a small fish needs 2 to 3 bullets to kill them. If after those shots, the player is unsuccessful, he can change the target, avoiding the situation of wasting bullets causing undesirable results.

  • Shoot by group of fish

For fish moving in groups, players should also apply appropriate tactics. In this case, players should not use bullets with too much power, just medium and large amounts of bullest. Players should aim at the middle of the fish, release bullets continuously, then the number of fish the player collects will be extremely large!

  • Boss fish hunting strategy

The last creatures always attract players because they are both beautiful, especially with attractive payouts. Sharks, fairies, octopuses or golden dragons are known as the boss of the game. Players with enough money, experience and skills can hunt them. If the player is successful, the bonus amount they receive is one hundred times the normal bonus.


Just now is the detailed information about the fish table game platform at W88. If players have a need to participate in entertainment, are looking for a safe and reputable bookie, then W88 is an extremely quality system, surely players will have extremely satisfied moments!

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