Experienced Pogo Pin Connector Manufacturer–Pomagtor

The Pogo pin connection was developed to enhance the total number of possible connectors on your device and to simplify the process of charging it. Pomagtor, on the other hand, is a highly regarded industry leader in the production of pogo pins.

How Does It Work?

A Pogo pin connection is a spring-type probe that is assembled using high-precision technology to rivet together its four fundamental components—the plunger, the tube, the spring, and the housing—to create the connector. Connecting the pogo pins to other devices is made much simpler thanks to the pogo pin connector, which is a compact and user-friendly piece of hardware. The connection has contacts that are coated in gold and may be placed into any of your available pogo pins.


In most pogo pins, the plunger has a structure on the bottom that resembles a bevel. During operation, the pogo pin will maintain the plunger in touch with the inner wall of the tube thanks to the bevel construction, which guarantees this will occur. To make certain that the pogo pin connector is steady and has a low impedance, the majority of the current is routed via the tube and plunger that have a gold plating. The connection has a long lifespan thanks to its combination of metal and plastic construction, and it may be purchased in either black or silver.

Who is Pomagtor?

Because of the connector, it is possible to make a simple and fast connection between pogo pins, which makes using them much simpler. Pomagtor, a prominent local firm that specializes in the modification of magnetic suction connections, has a wealth of expertise in the production of pogo pins.


It is not essential to manually align the boards when using a board-to-board connection that makes use of pogo pins. Although the construction of the parts may be done fast, the sequence in which they are put together can be very fluidly changed.

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