Every Possible Route from Delhi To Ladakh: How To Reach Your Destination

Every Possible Route from Delhi To Ladakh: How To Reach Your Destination

Explore the Majestic Routes: Delhi to Ladakh Journey

How many times have you planned a trip to Ladakh and canceled it? Several times, right? The reason being that you did not have the right amount of information to proceed further with the plan even after reading several blogs and watching several vlogs over the internet. Well look no further, for WanderOn is there to help you with all the information that you need, to plan your trip from Delhi to Ladakh. To book your trip you can refer to our Leh Ladakh Tour Package and to get more information on how to reach there, just continue reading till the end.Every Possible Route from Delhi To Ladakh: How To Reach Your Destination


Every Possible Route from Delhi To Ladakh: How To Reach Your Destination

Ladakh, the land of the rugged terrains and home to the highest motorable pass, is a destination full of indescribable beauty and jaw dropping backdrops. Located in the northern part of the Indian Subcontinent with an altitude of approximately 19300 ft above sea level, Ladakh is a must-visit for every adventure lover and for those who are just fond of admiring the beauty of nature. Not less than a wonder, Ladakh has a deep history and lots of mysterious stories which one can hear from the super-friendly locals here. One can never get enough of the local food that is prepared here, including Thupka, Skew, Ladaki Kulcha Bun, Ladaki Saag and the list goes on. There are several shops in the local market of Leh where you can find organic products, which are absolutely pure and are home made by these locals here.

How To Reach Ladakh from Delhi?

There are two ways from Delhi to Ladakh, one is by road and the other one by air.

Delhi To Ladakh by Road

Every Possible Route from Delhi To Ladakh: How To Reach Your Destination

Ladakh is approximately 970 KMs from Delhi. The most popular among youngsters is a road trip to Ladakh because of the thrilling adventure that it brings along with it. The open air, the view of the rugged terrains, and the enchanting valleys as if they are trying to convey something, a mystery, or the story untold. It is an experience of a lifetime and none who have been to this place have ever regretted the decision of making this trip.

Manali-Leh Route: It is the most common and convenient route that is followed for the road trip from Delhi. You start from the country Capital following the Chandigarh Manali route and reach Leh. One can stop at several places en route Leh such as Sarchu which is one of the most popular halts among the travellers. It also has tented accommodations available and usually travellers take night halts here. After Sarchu, you will come across Gata Loops which is the 21 hair pin bends that will leave you awestruck with its beauty and no amount of words can do justice to the stunning views that one witnesses.  Another option that we have is Jispa which is also a quaint village surrounded with the backdrops of the Himalayas. This is another halt that travellers prefer while traveling on the Manali-Leh Route.

One might ask that if there are flights available then why should one go via road. Well, Ladakh is located at a high altitude and one needs proper acclimatization to avoid any kind of health problems that might occur. Since at high altitudes, the level of oxygen drops and acclimatization is necessary to move further. Apart from that, you get to enjoy the stunning views of the valley and you can stop anywhere, take pictures to flex on your social media. You do not have that option when you fly directly. Besides, road trips have their own charm so there is no comparison to that.

Srinagar-Kargil-Leh Route: Depending upon the number of days in your hand you can also choose the Srinagar-Kargil-Leh Route which is comparatively longer than the Manali-Leh Route. With this option, you can also enjoy Kashmir along with Ladakh. En route visit the Kargil War Memorial. Reach Kargil, which is one of the two divisions of Ladakh, the other one being Leh. Enjoy for a day and then get ready for Leh which is the largest division or district of Ladakh.

Delhi To Ladakh By Air

Every Possible Route from Delhi To Ladakh: How To Reach Your Destination

However, if you are a little short on time because your work is not allowing you to have more leaves than you expected, well in that case your safest bet is to get on the plane and witness the miracle yourself. The aerial distance from Delhi to Ladakh is approximately 618kms which means that it takes just one and a half hour to reach your dream destination. Road trips are fun, no doubt about that, but with less time in your platter you can enjoy the aerial view of this rugged land which will be a view that will live rent free in your memories.

You can easily take the Delhi to Leh flight. The nearest airport from Leh is Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport, which is approximately 2.5kms away from the city centre. There are prepaid taxis available to take you to places you wish to visit. You can also rent bikes to get a feel of a hardcore biker, riding along the deserted land of Ladakh. Buses are also available which are the cheapest mode of transport taking you to the Leh City.

The most frequent flights from Delhi to Ladakh are Indigo and Spicejet. These are the flights that run on a regular basis. The fares are not very expensive during the off season but as soon as the season kicks in, there is a high jump in fares.

So it’s high time that you take a break from your hectic schedule and forget the chaos of your work life and let us make every second of your day the best you have ever had. If planning a trip seems like a task because of your hectic schedule, and workload, it’s time to stop worrying and take a backseat while we plan the trip of your lifetime. Get in touch with us and witness the magic of this majestic land with your own eyes and make memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

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