Deposit and withdraw money at BK8 bookmaker

Deposit and withdraw money at BK8 bookmaker

In the current market of online betting, every player is concerning about how to top up to play as well as how to transfer their prized money into their bank account. This is a huge problem for any bookmaker that does not possess a transparent and fast transactional system. However, all customers of BK8 bookie are satisfied with the service in here. In this article, we will show you how to make transaction at BK8 casino. Let’s dive in right now!

The way to make a deposit at BK8 

The very first thing in gambling at the casino is to deposit cash.

Today, the BK8 bookie covers the majority of Vietnam’s prominent banks: TP Bank, Vietcombank, VP Bank, SCB as well as top respected financial organizations such as F88, FE Credit, Family Credit… and other forms of e-wallets.

Your payment will take around 1-2 minutes to complete. Please review the following BK8 payment methods carefully:

  • Sign in to BK8 account, navigate to the “Profile” area, and click “Deposit.”
  • On the “Deposit” screen, please select the proper deposit type (bank account, electronic wallet, etc.).
  • Fill in the required information & deposit the amount you needed.
  • Select “Finish” to complete the deposit procedure. The server will send a text message to your smartphone within 1-2 min to verify that the top-up transaction was completed.

The way to withdraw money at BK8

The many sorts of internet gambling that BK8 currently provides are all given instantly following the conclusion of each wager. To withdraw funds from BK8, players must perform the following:

  • Select the “Withdraw” button on the “Personal Menu” tab.
  • Click the “purchase money transfer” option to move your money from the subaccount to the main account.
  • Enter the proper amount to send and all required details.
  • To conclude your BK8 transaction, click “Complete.”

After that, the BK8 server will email you a pin number to validate your request. The transaction will be completed once you have successfully entered the OTP code to validate the transaction.

Appealing promotions that BK8 offers to its players

A great bookmaker always have many methods to attract players. And, promotion program is the first thing on the list, indeed. If you are a new player and is looking for a trustful and fascinating bookie to play at, please check its promotional programs. If there are more than 5 promotions at a same time, that is a good address to bet. So, in BK8 bookie, the promotional programs are constantly something that customers are hunting for. And here are they:

  • Refund of up to 2%
  • A 100% deposit refund for the very first BK8 cash transfer.
  • A 5% discount is available to consumers who play the online lottery.
  • Get a 50% discount on prime deposits during golden hours.
  • A 10% deposit discount for every day.
  • Daily promotions on repeated victories or losses.
  • Offers for daily attendance.

In fact, BK8 developing team is working day by day to create the best promotion for players. Do not worry if you are missing one or two bonuses, don’t worry because there are always more waiting for you on the website.


Above all is every thing about transactions at BK8. If you still do not know how to function or meet some problems with it, please contact our support team to get the fastest assist.

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