Criteria for choosing reputable bookie based on experienced players

Currently, the big bookies are present all over the places in Vietnam. They all advertise to have a full license by the international gambling association and are subject to very strict supervision.

But besides license, is there anything else players should be aware of or what else players can use to evaluate their quality? Let’s find out those criteria for choosing reputable bookies based on experienced players from this article.

Criteria for choosing reputable bookie from players’ experience

The problem that gamblers are facing today is the interesting offers brought by online bookmakers.

Compared to traditional bookies, online bookmakers often launch extremely attractive promotions. 

However, unlike traditional bookies, online bookies work online, not physically located in Vietnam. 

And in the market, there are many not-so-good bookies for sure, so how can players, especially new players, avoid those bad betting houses?

These are criteria that can help players in choosing the best bookie, the most reliable bookie to join, and playing betting games.

All types of promotion programs

Surely we always want to play at a bookie with attractive and super big promotions, right? 

Most bookies run the same promotions, but the terms and levels of bonuses or cashback will vary.

The amount of difference is quite a bit of contrast and it can attract a number of players. 

Therefore, new players can take a look around to see which betting house has better offers.

Reputable bookies in Vietnam also allow players to create accounts for free. Players can also take advantage of their promotion programs.

Some bookies offer a free trial so users can experience free money first.

All players need to do is create an account for free, join the bookie community and top up a small amount of money.

They receive free money from the bookie to place a bet. If they win and have no problem with the system, then they decide to participate for a longer time.

Various payment methods

In terms of payment methods, the big bookies support players very well with different methods.

Fast, simple and diverse deposit or withdrawal transactions are what all players want. Therefore, a bookie with transactions that happens quickly and without too many difficulties as well as a variety of ways to withdraw or deposit, will always be rated positively and much better by players.

At the same time, the best bookie also makes sure to offer a secure transaction method for all users.

Provide useful information for players

To win big and be successful in betting games, players also need to aggregate most of the information and data related to the match, for example, information about the confrontation of two teams, the history of recent matches, and the performance of each player…

This information will give you the best overview of the match and which team to choose.

Therefore, players should pay attention to bookies that can offer those reference information.

The reference information must come from many different sources, aspects such as reviews from their members.

Then, the wonderful bookies should perform a comparison and comparison, so the results obtained will be more accurate.

New players should also refer to reputable bookmakers who can offer sports betting odds with good value.

Looking for a high-quality bookie is also important, at this point, all notices about bets will be updated quickly and accurately by the bookie system. 

Only the best bookie can provide you with that service quickly and reliably.

Encourage but not push players to bet

During the period of monitoring the odds of the game, sure enough, players will see the numbers fluctuate in a row. 

In these situations, if they are professional players, they need time to calculate and consider many factors carefully before placing a bet.

Only a good bookie can support players in those situations but not push them to quickly decide.

Therefore, choosing the best bookie requires players to look at customer service, and game quality, and at the same time, players should look at the betting odds offered.

They should stay away from the bets offered that appear too high, or not practical.  Especially when it comes to matches where everyone already knows the strength of these two teams.

Note before betting, remember to take advantage of promotions and choose the right match.

Good betting odds

Although there will be a common ground between the bookmakers, to attract their own customers, the bookmakers will adjust a little to offer their own better odds. 

Therefore, when comparing one bookie with the others, new players should compare the odds first. 

The higher the odds are, of course, the more perfect choice. However, you should also be aware that the odds can vary from game to game, so choosing appropriate odds should be based on the game type.

Supportive customer service staff

The online support staff is considered as the face of the house because they are the only ones in contact directly with the players. 

That is also the reason, whether a bookie is appreciated or not, much of it will come from the sense of responsibility and support of these staff. 

Usually, these staff will support and answer all player-related questions, and solve all system-related issues in the fastest time possible and will usually be available 24/7.

Whether it’s a holiday or a public holiday, all activities still take place as usual. Customer service always works well no matter if it is Sunday, on holidays, or in the middle of the night.

Well-organized website interface

A reputable and quality bookie will be more or less reflected in whether the website is player-friendly or not. 

Everything is rated well, but if the website is difficult to interact with or the entry is slow, then surely the players will feel bored and want to give up. 

So in the case of quality bookmakers, they often invest in the website a lot, to ensure that players are always satisfied.

Above are the basic criteria to compare reputable online bookmakers today, now we move on to the next part, which are the top list of reputation bookies.

Top reputation bookmakers in Vietnam, statistics collected from long-term players


First, before going into the review of the bookie BK8, we need to know a little about the profile of this sports betting house. 

The name BK8 has been registered as both a trademark and a business with its headquarters in the Republic of Malta.

The activity of providing games and accompanying services of the house BK8 is also licensed by the government of Curacao with the license number clearly listed on the main page.

Besides, BK8 is also the official DBR partner of the Spanish Football Federation 2018/2019.

BK8’s genuine profile also has the presence of the brand ambassador in 2019/2020, Robin Van Persie (former captain of the Dutch team and MU club). 

To review the interface and sound of the BK8 homepage, it can be said that the interface of BK8 is very professional, easy to see, and easy to work with. 

The images on the page are beautiful, eye-catching, and lively with brand ambassadors appearing as soon as we enter the website.

BK8’s game store is divided into seven major categories, in each large category there are different games, suitable for the entertainment needs of players. 


Considering the number of game providers that are partners of the me88, we can see that the number of providers here is quite large and gathers all the big names in sports betting games, and casino card games. 

Up to now, it has been operating for a long time in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and China before entering the Vietnamese market.

The me88 has not yet received a complaint from players at the International Betting Commission.

The information “scam me88” on the internet still has many loopholes and needs alert players to consider avoiding the traps of competitors of me88.

The quality and quantity of games offered at the bookie are considered outstanding with the full range of professional betting games.

The sound and graphics of the game are also quite good. Game loading speed is fast, with no lag, and no errors.

The house’s estimated revenue of tens of billions to hundreds of billions is normal because the number of players is increasing. Not only that, those who participate and know the reputable house will play big and win big.

All information on how to calculate points, how to redeem prizes, and regulations as well as the redemption process is clearly listed at each game and on the homepage of the house for players to understand.


The JUN88 bookie has a management company and a license to operate an online betting game service business in Costa Rica. 

The bookie has a long history of operating in many different countries in Southeast Asia before entering Vietnam.

In every place they do business, the bookie always wins the hearts of players by its professional and welcoming service, making customers satisfied.

With a modern design and interface, the bookie gives players a professional feeling. The font system, color, and size of action buttons are all very clear and detailed.

Customer care service is highly appreciated by many players for the following reasons:

Diverse channels to connect with customers (Zalo, Telegram, Chatbox, Facebook message, direct phone calls)

Attentive and enthusiastic service employees’ attitude

Answer questions promptly and correctly

Successfully support players in solving problems

The bonus rate and winning rate as well as the bookie are also promising. This is one of the important factors for players to decide whether to join the game here or not.

This factor almost accounts for more than 70% of decisions. The rest of the players will depend on how to receive the reward, and how quickly.


Thus, together we have learned all the criteria to evaluate a good bookie. All detailed information about all aspects of how a high-quality bookie is well presented above. The information Linknhacaivip presented here is based not only on professional opinion or experience but also on evaluation criteria of international betting management organizations. All the criteria that we pointed out above are the issues players need to keep in mind when choosing the betting house.

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