Collar is Back in Trend: how to choose your style

Decorations for the neck and decollete have come to us from antiquity. Collars for woman were popular in Egypt and India, they were worn by medieval beauties and courtesans, they are worn by modern fashionistas and teenagers today.

What is the secret and strength of women’s choker necklaces, which has not lost its popularity over all this time? Looks like it will never go out of style.

Time is changing, styles and materials, shapes and textures are changing, but the desire of women and men to decorate the neckline by collar remains in our time.

Chokers and necklaces can now be stylish additions to your everyday look and a “chip” for a special occasion or going out. They can complement your elegant look, add romance, or vice versa, boldness, rudeness or provocation.

In this article, we will look at the most common modern types of chokers for woman and tell you how to wear them correctly.

Minimalist Simple Collar

Jewelry in the style of “nothing more” is perhaps the most popular and now we will explain why. Firstly, many people appreciate practicality, and products in this style are suitable for everyday wear and almost any style. They are harmonious with a shirt and dresses, tops and sundresses. Secondly, small jewelry without unnecessary details is more comfortable to wear and “sits” on the body more comfortably than massive jewelry, there is no need to correct it all the time. Thirdly, the very style of minimalism speaks of the sophistication of the taste of its owner, the elegance of the image, good taste. At the same time, the inconspicuousness of an accessory does not mean that it does not draw attention to your neckline.

Among such minimalistic jewelry, finely woven metal chains, satin ribbons or leather straps with neat buckles or a miniature decorative ring are popular. Among the popular models is a cascade necklace made of thin chains.

Multilayer Necklaces

Layering is now a fashion trend – numerous belts over shirts and dresses, plain tops and underwear have sovereignly come into fashion and won their place of honor in it.

This did not bypass the decorations for the neck and chest. The peculiarity of such necklaces is the combination of different materials, for example, a patent leather choker has a lower layer of suede and decor in the form of molded fittings on top. Also, a dense leather base is decorated with stones and silk ribbons. Beads woven into a series of thin straps or chains are also an original solution, eye-catching and showing the style of its owner. A combination of metal of different colors can also be attributed here, although combinations of different materials are much more justified.

Hardcore bold style Choker

Hardcore in translation means “hard style”. The term itself has many meanings, ranging from heavy compositions and styles in music (rock, punk, etc.), to slang among athletes who are fond of heavy loads or in an erotic environment – too open and frank plots and poses.

Therefore, hardcore-style jewelry – an accessory is massive, often made of natural vegetable-tanned leather, overloaded with a number of additional accessories (rivets, plates, spikes, carabiners, locks and chains). Mostly such accessories are often stylized in the “old times”, have the correct geometric design and a lot of weight. There is no practicality in this, but this style does not need it. Such accessories certainly attract attention and emphasize belonging to a certain style of culture.

Choker Classic

Women’s leather choker peculiarity is a tight contact with the skin of the neck. Sometimes the choker is used as a synonym for the word “collar” and came to us originally from the BDSM culture. They are O ring chokers with additional fitting to put a lash. Such options are relevant to this day, you can choose the most diverse day choker to your taste and color.

However, this accessory has confidently entered into everyday style, especially if it is made of soft nappa leather or patent leather, it has beautiful and elegant fittings.

Unlike a BDSM necklace, it provides for long-term wearing on the neck, and the accessories have an aesthetic function rather than a practical application.

Chain Necklace

They become a real trend of the season. Various lengths, thicknesses and weaves. They envelop the neck in one layer or lie in tiers on other parts – the waist, stomach and hips. Complemented with inserts of rhinestones or pendants, beads or balls, they are indispensable over tops and open dresses, summer sundresses or a plain tight dress. Many women of fashion wear such necklaces for bathing beach suits, transparent tunics.

Geometry style Necklace

Such necklaces are usually assembled from the same large geometric elements – rings, triangles, etc. Such accessories are made of thick belt leather, attached with fittings, rivets or spikes.

Suitable for rock, punk, gothic style, but if you like this design, why not try it?

BDSM Collar necklace

Unlike other options, its indispensable attribute is the presence of a ring in the central part for the ability to fasten a harness or chain leash. It is this detail that distinguishes colars slave from all other necklaces. Material – more often genuine high-quality leather on top and suede on the bottom. The accessories are also of high quality without impurities of harmful metals, so as not to harm the skin upon contact.

BDSM chokers sexual worn around the neck creates a mood of “submission to the master”, that is, to be on a leash, to limit freedom. With the help of a leash, the dominant can direct his subordinate to the implementation of certain actions. You can fasten a leash or chain when you are alone with your partner or participate in role-playing games or theme parties. But this is not necessary for your everyday look – you can wear such an accessory as a stylish addition to the image.

Whatever necklace you choose – for everyday use or a romantic occasion, the Obsessharness online store is ready to offer you a huge selection of products of various designs and textures.

Add to your wardrobe choker necklace for women let’s fantasize and diversify appearance.

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