Best Ikura Japanese restaurants

Best Ikura Japanese restaurants 

If you are an Ikura lover then you might be always in awe of the best Ikura spot where you can eat the best Ikura dishes all around the world. Many people in the world tend to travel a lot from one country to another country so the food of their choice is quite hard for them.

Secondly, quite rare people know how to deal with the glossy, and soft Ikura. Most people around the world are not familiar with the red Caviar or Ikura only those who know who belongs to Japan. But besides this for the past 5 years, Sushi got many popularities in the world so that’s why many people are enjoying the taste of Ikura and also want to know more about it.

If you are one of those persons who has recently been introduced to the taste of Ikura and fell in love with its taste and want to know where you can get delicious, juicy, and salty Ikura then;

Hi mate!

You are on the right here in this article I have aligned up the top Japanese restaurants in the world that serve the best Ikura dishes. Through this guide, you can easily spot your favorite Ikura Restaurants without wasting time researching.

So, let’s dive into the main part of this reading;

Ikura Japanese cuisine

It is located in the states of America at 2811 W Kingshighway, Paragould, AR 72450 and is reported as the best Ikura Japanese restaurant also it had a great rating of up to five stars. It has great reviews and great services. they cook the tastiest Ikura along with Sushi. If you are in search of delicious and authentic Japanese cuisine then I know this place will be your go-to place.

Ikura Japanese Restaurant in the UK 

It is located at 91 Haverstock Hill, London NW3 4RL England. It’s a great little sushi and Ikura restaurant where you will get all three types of cuisine Japanese, Asian, and Chinese. It’s so far known as the best Ikura restaurant in England because of its sushi rolls which are quite famous in the market and had a great rating too up to five stars. It also had a great review.

Ikura in Australia

It is located at 20 Bridge St Suite 306, Building 3, Pymble, Ku-ring-gai, New South Wales 2073 Australia. they served Ikura paired with different other dishes like Sushi, boiled rice, salads, and many more. they have incredible services along with delicious Ikura food.


It is the best Ikura is a restaurant which is located in UAE. it also serves you the best Japanese and Asian cuisine. They have incredibly great customer reviews and ratings up to 4. They have a long list of bestselling dishes including Shrimp Volcano Roll, Shrimp Pop Roll, Salted Edamame, and Dynamite Shrimp. Besides this, they also different other dishes and meals including Japanese, Asian, and Sushi.

Ikura Japanese tapas bar 

It is located at 301 Upper Thomson Road#01-43 Thomson Plaza, Singapore. It is the most elegant, small, and cozy Japanese bar where you get a complete range of Japanese cuisine in one place. It has high rates up to 5 and great reviews.

Final words

Ikura has a rich taste which automatically enhances the taste of other ingredients that’s why it is loved by many people around the world so some of the names of Ikura best restaurants in the world are mentioned above.

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