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The Sic bo game (or Sic bo – dice) is a popular betting game in the Vietnamese entertainment market as well as around the world. To know Rules of Sic Bo Specifically, please see the article shared by New88 today. We will help you better understand the all-time hit game through this article.

Introduction to general dice

Game tai xiu in Chinese is simply translated as “big – small“. In English, they are also called “Over – Under“, the abbreviation is O/U.

Rules of Sic BoSimple that anyone can understand and participate easily. In it, you will bet on a number that the house will provide for each bet. You just need to predict whether the result of that match will be higher or lower than the number given by the house.

The rules of Sic Bo are simple and anyone can understand and participate right away

In addition to its popularity in casinos today, this game is also seen in many other areas. For example, sports: basketball, football, tennis,… Besides playing in real life, Sic Bo can also be played through online versions. Online Sic Bo games are currently very popular and attract the attention of the gaming community.

Sic Bo rules and related rules for new players

Understand Rules of Sic Bo will help you quickly win and become a master. Specifically, NEW88 updated the following details:

About the newly updated rules of Sic Bo

Before placing a bet, the most important thing is that you should clearly understand the rules of the game and apply appropriate strategies to quickly avoid losing. The rules of the Sicbo game are quite simple, similar to the common dice game. Accordingly, you will choose the door to bet on the result. After placing the bet, the dealer will reveal the results of the three dice. If the total value is less than 10, the result will be under. If the total value is equal to or greater than 10, the result is over.

In this online casino game, the odds of winning will vary depending on the type of bet the participant chooses. Specifically:

  • Over/under bet: Odds are 1:1.
  • Same pair bet: If you win, you will receive odds of 1:11.
  • Bet on three identical sets.

At bookmakers, online Sic Bo always uses three dice to bet. Bettors have many different ways to bet according to their strategies. Rules of Sic Bo always kept the same to create fairness for each person as well as fun for each game.

About betting rules in Sicbo game

In the Sic Bo game, you can bet on both over and under. Bet on over when you predict that the total score of the three dice will be between 11 and 17. In case the total score is 10, it is considered under. The payout ratio for this type of bet is usually 1:1.

Over/Under has many betting options for you to freely place

Additionally, according to Rules of Sic Bo, if the three dice have the same value then your bet will lose. This type of bet requires you to predict which faces of three dice of the same value will appear. Then, the payout ratio for this type of bet is 1:11.

In particular, identical triple bets are the type of bet with the highest payout rate at almost every bookmaker. That’s when you predict the results of three dice that appear on the same three sides.
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Details on how to play Sic Bo for rookies

In fact, participating in this game is as simple as Rules of Sic Bo. Everyone only needs to clearly understand the rules and regulations of the game, combined with a little luck and keen observation ability to be able to win money.

In this game three dice will be used. Each dice has six sides and participants bet on the result of the total score after the dice are rolled. If the total score from the three dice is from 4 to 10: under and from 11 to 17: over.

You need quick observation and a little experience to achieve victory. In addition to participating in live games, you can also participate in online Sic Bo on various betting platforms such as NEW88. Here you can completely experience all betting options and get the opportunity to get rich without difficulty.

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The above article by NEW88 is an interesting source of information Rules of Sic Bo in particular and Sic Bo games in particular. When you need entertainment, look for this game at NEW88 website. Here you will receive unbelievable surprise gifts and great entertainment time.

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