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Pump bushings, commonly referred to as pump sleeves, are essential components in safeguarding pumps and ensuring their durability and optimal performance. These essential components are designed to provide an ideal solution in the pump industry, and Junty, a professional and experienced pump bushing manufacturer, is here to deliver exceptional performance with their reliable pump bushings.

Magnetic Drive Pump Sleeves/Bushings

Junty offers a wide range of pump bushings, including magnetic drive pump sleeves/bushings. These specialized bushings are designed to work seamlessly with magnetic drive pumps, ensuring efficient and reliable operation. With Junty’s magnetic drive pump sleeves/bushings, you can trust that your pumps are well-protected and optimized for performance.

Gear Pump Bushings

Gear pumps are widely used in various industries, and Junty understands the importance of reliable bushings for these pumps. Their gear pump bushings are engineered to provide low friction, ensuring smooth operation and reducing wear and tear on critical components. You can expect enhanced performance and extended service life for your gear pumps with Junty’s gear pump bushings.

TC Sleeves

For applications that require superior abrasion resistance and excellent sealing properties, Junty’s TC sleeves are the ideal choice. These sleeves are specifically designed to withstand harsh operating conditions and provide a reliable sealing solution. Junty’s TC sleeves offer you the assurance that your pumps are safeguarded and capable of delivering optimal performance, providing you with peace of mind.

Metal-Backed Bearings

Junty’s metal-backed bearings are engineered to deliver exceptional performance and durability. These bearings provide reliable support and reduce friction, ensuring smooth operation and minimizing energy loss. When it comes to ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your pumps, Junty’s metal-backed bearings are the reliable choice you can trust. They are designed to deliver a long service life and enable your pumps to perform at their best


With Junty’s pump bushings, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your pumps are protected and optimized for maximum performance. Trust Junty, the experienced pump bushing manufacturer, and take advantage of their high-quality products to enhance the reliability and longevity of your pumps.

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