The Best CenturyLink Internet Plans and Modems for 2022

Purchasing an internet plan will not necessarily empty your pocket, but what about the cost of equipment and installations? Now that can be quite expensive to bear for many people. Sometimes, it might also seem like a waste, because what if you don’t like the service provider after a while and unsubscribe? All of this time and money will go in vain and there’s not much you can do about it.

Except maybe there is! Usually, when you get an internet plan, you can rent out a modem from the service provider unless you already have a modem that is compatible with the plan and your ISP helps you to set it up.

CenturyLink also offers users to rent modems from them, or otherwise, you can use your own modem. However, you’ll have to be mindful of whether the modem is compatible with your plan. If you don’t have a modem already and want to buy one to save money on renting the modem, then you will need to know which modems you can choose from.

This article contains a list of the modems that are approved by CenturyLink that you can purchase from the market and use with your CenturyLink Internet plans. But before we move on to the list of modems, let’s take a look at the CenturyLink internet plans and bundles to get a better idea of the requirements of the modem.

CenturyLink Internet Plans and Packages

CenturyLink offers two types of connections: DSL and Fiber. For their DSL connection type, CenturyLink uses “Fiber in The Loop”, which indicates that the fiber network is used to transfer data from the main office to the area of the customer, where it then switches over to copper wires.

This makes CenturyLink’s DSL internet much faster than other traditional DSL internet connections on the market. And the unlimited data allowance is like the cherry on the cake. As for their Fiber internet, the connection is pure fiber and extremely fast. You can also see the pricing of the plans is affordable and quite lower than most internet service providers in the U.S. All of these things justify CenturyLink’s reputation and make it the great service provider it is today.

Attached below is a table full of details about the CenturyLink plans, speeds, prices, conditions, and more.

CenturyLink Internet Plans Internet Download Speeds Connection Type Data Allowance Price Conditions for Internet Plan Perfect for
CenturyLink Internet 15 – 20 Mbps DSL Unlimited $50/mo. ·       Requirement of Paperless billing and/or prepay

·       Speed availability is dependent on location

·       Taxes, fees, and surcharges may apply

·       Downloading files, videos, and music

·       Work from home

·       Online schooling/learning

·       Streaming

·       Browsing/surfing

·       Online shopping

·       Playing games

40 – 100 Mbps DSL Unlimited $50/mo. ·       Requirement of Paperless billing and/or prepay

·       Speed availability is dependent on location

·       Taxes, fees, and surcharges may apply

·       Connecting multiple devices

·       Work from home

·       Online schooling/learning

·       Online shopping

·       Paying bills online

·       Access to news, entertainment, etc.

·       Browsing/surfing

·       Downloading files, videos, and music

CenturyLink Fiber Gigabit Up to 940 Mbps Fiber Unlimited $65/mo. ·       Requirement of Paperless billing and/or prepay

·       Speed availability is dependent on location

·       Taxes, fees, and surcharges may apply

·       Streaming HD and 4K content on multiple devices

·       Playing online multiplayer games

·       Backing up the entire hard drive to the cloud

·       Downloading and uploading heavy files

·       Work from home

·       Online schooling/learning

CenturyLink Bundles

CenturyLink offers internet and home phone bundles which also happen to be money-saving bundles. While many people might argue that you won’t need a home phone in this day and age, there are multiple benefits to the home phone. CenturyLink offers unlimited nationwide calling with high-speed internet.

Besides saving tons of money, these bundles also save you from the hassle of paying separate bills for your internet and telephone bills each month.

Bundle Price Internet speed Benefits Conditions
Simply Unlimited Internet and Simply Unlimited Phone $90/mo. Up to 100 Mbps Unlimited nationwide calling ·       Taxes, fees, and surcharges may apply

·       Rate excluding CTL fees not to exceed $3/mo./line

Fiber Gigabit and Simply Unlimited Phone $105/mo. Up to 940 Mbps Unlimited nationwide calling ·       Taxes, fees, and surcharges may apply

·       Rate excluding CTL fees not to exceed $3/mo./line

Best CenturyLink Modems

Here’s a list of the modems that are recommended by us and by CenturyLink, if you are looking to buy one instead of renting.

  1. ZyXEL C3000Z

This modem, specifically designed for CenturyLink, supports Fiber connections and speeds up to 940 Mbps. Therefore, this modem works perfectly with any of CenturyLink’s plans and its design is so well-done that the modem is properly ventilated to keep it from overheating. It is the perfect modem for you as it has excellent coverage and 4 direct Ethernet ports.

It has a few drawbacks, however, which are that it is pricey and the wireless internet speeds may not always be consistent. If you like to get into the technical details, the modem uses VDSL2, ADSL2, and GPON technology.

  1. CenturyLink C3000A

Another wonderfully designed modem that supports fiber internet and high speeds of up to 940 Mbps, CenturyLink C3000A is also a great option. This modem uses ADSL, GPON, and VDSL technology and works well with all of CenturyLink’s internet plans. This modem also happens to have a number of ports for your use.

The body of this modem is made of plastic, which is why it is extremely light in weight as compared to other modems. Further adding to its list of benefits is the fact that it is easy to install, however, the modem is pricey and that is a con for it.

  1. Actiontec GT784WN

If you don’t have a very big internet plan and have moderate speeds up to 300 Mbps, this modem would be the best one for you. This modem is perfect for CenturyLink DSL internet plans and also offers excellent coverage for its price range. It supports ADSL2+ technology but lacks VDSL support. Another benefit to this modem is that it has reliable wireless connectivity and security safeguards in place as well.

  1. TP-Link Archer A7

First, this is not a modem, but a router. We feel like it deserved to be here. The TP-Link Archer A7 is a budget-friendly option for a router. It has 4 ports for devices to be plugged in and it has high-performance connectivity as well. It is easy to set up and is great for HD video streaming.

If you are looking for an option that doesn’t break the bank, check out the details for this router, and be sure to ask the customer support agent about its compatibility with CenturyLink plans.

The Ending Note

So, that concludes our article on the best CenturyLink modems you can buy and use for your CenturyLink internet plan. Which modem are you planning on getting and is it compatible with your internet plan? Fiber and DSL internet have different requirements in terms of modem technology, so be mindful of the modem you are choosing and the plan you have subscribed to or are planning to subscribe to. It would be a lot easier if you were to consult CenturyLink customer support or tech support for this and ask them which modem would be perfect for your plan.

If you are interested in finding out more about CenturyLink or other providers just as reputable as CenturyLink (in case it is not available in your area), you can get the right information on BuyTVInternetPhone and even check what packages are available in your area.

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