The Automatic Capsule Counter: A New Invention That Makes Your Life Easy

The accurate counting of the capsule in the pharmaceutical industry proves crucial. The automatic capsule counter can increase accuracy and reduce costs. This article will make an introduction to the automatic capsule counter.

What is an Automatic Capsule Counter?

An automatic capsule counter is a machine used in the pharmacy industry to count the number of capsules dispensed. The counter can be set to dispense one or more capsules at a time, and it will stop when the number of capsules has been dispensed. This makes it easy for the worker to track how many capsules have been dispensed, and it also allows them to check the accuracy of the dispensing process.

How does an Automatic Capsule Counter work?

Products to be counted are placed on hoppers by a manual or automatic loading system, and then they are dropped from the hopper onto two sets of three-grade vibratory plates, where they are moved in a single file fashion across 32 channels of the plates.

Thirty-two detection tunnels are located at the end of each channel, and their sensors and control systems detect each product and count them as they flow through the tunnels. After being detected and counted, they will be collected on the nozzle gate until reaching the preset count, and then the tunnel gate closes. At the same time, the nozzle gate opens to allow the counted products in the funnel to fall into the bottle via the nozzle.

Is the Automatic Capsule Counter better than the manual one?

Without any doubt, automatic counters are more accurate than manual counting. For example, in terms of manual people counting, some estimates say it is inaccurate by as much as 15%, meaning that the correct rate only stands for 85%. However, it is a huge issue in the resource-intensive process, especially in the pharmaceutical industry.

But when replaced with automatic counters, each counting device can boast an accuracy of between 95% and 99%. And with scientific design and engineering, the automatic tablet counter has a pretty good track record for accuracy, thus providing reliable performance, cutting product waste, and saving time and resources.

In addition, with a maximum production speed of up to 16000pcs/min, its great efficiency enables employment in industries with higher demands for efficiency toward machines. In short, the machine allows maximum speed and accuracy while minimizing the number of wasted products.


Efficiency, accuracy, and standardization are vital to the packaging industry as they help set a specific packaging process with numerous applications. Henceforth, a highly efficient, accurate automatic counter is of great importance in many industries. For example, if you are looking for an advanced device that is accurate and sturdy, look at the automatic capsule counter from Pharmapack.

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