Rocking Self-Love on Galentine's Day

Outfit Ideas for Singles: Rocking Self-Love on Galentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day: the time of year when streets are painted red and pink, and love songs reverberate in every corner. But who says you need a partner to celebrate love when you can rock out the day with self-love and friendship instead? Welcome to Galentine’s Day, the day before Valentine’s Day dedicated to toasting to friendship, empowerment, and most of all, you.

So, whether you’re hitting a singles’ bash, having a spa day, or dancing it out with friends, here’s how to ditch the clichés and curate killer looks that scream “independent” with a side of “rockstar.”

The Lady in Red (or Pink, or Purple…)

Sure, red might be the color of love, but who says you can’t redefine it? Red is also the color of power, fierceness, and passion. But if red’s not your jam, remember there’s a whole palette out there to express your vibrant self.

For the Bold: Think sequined red mini dress, sky-high stilettos, and a leather jacket. It’s glam, it’s rock, it’s you.

The Subtle Sophisticate: A mauve or blush pantsuit paired with a crisp, white blouse, and nude pumps. Add a statement necklace for a pop.

Casually Eclectic: Purple skinny jeans, graphic baby tee of your favorite band, topped with a black blazer and Converse. Effortless, yet statement-making.

Where to wear it: Bar hopping, a concert, or a chic singles’ event downtown.

All Black, Heart Intact

Channeling your inner Johnny Cash? All-black is timeless, slimming, and oozes confidence.

Mysterious Maven: A black sheath mesh dress paired with a velvet cape or cloak. Accessorize with onyx or silver jewelry.

Gothic Romance: Black lace blouse, asymmetrical skirt, chunky boots, and a choker. Dark lipstick is a must.

Classic Elegance: Black turtleneck, high-waisted trousers, ankle boots, and a beret. Voilà!

Where to wear it: Art exhibits, upscale lounges, or a moonlit picnic with friends.

Comfort Queens

Who says you can’t be comfortable, casual, and chic all at the same time? Whether you’re indulging in a self-care day or chilling with friends, comfort is key.

Athleisure Love: High-waisted leggings, a cropped hoodie, colorful sneakers, and a high ponytail. Don’t forget your glittery scrunchie!

Boho Rhapsody: Flowy maxi dress, strappy flat sandals, a multitude of bracelets, and a floppy hat. Dreamy and comfortable.

Cozy Chic: Oversized knit sweater, mom jeans, fluffy socks, and UGGs. Hot cocoa optional (but highly recommended).

Where to wear it: Brunch, spa day, movie night, or a laid-back house party.

Retro Vibes

Sometimes, the best way to celebrate the present is by throwing it back to the past.

’70s Disco Diva: Sequined jumpsuit, platform shoes, oversized hoop earrings, and Farrah Fawcett hair. Yes, you can boogie all night!

’80s Glam Rock: Off-the-shoulder oversized sweatshirt (neon, of course), leggings, scrunchy boots, and crimped hair. Rock on!

’90s Grunge Goddess: Plaid flannel shirt, ripped jeans, Doc Martens, and a beanie. Smudged eyeliner? Perfect.

Where to wear it: Retro club night, a themed Galentine’s party, or a classic roller-skating rink.

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