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With clean, low-carbon energy and intellectual power system development, IGBT and IGBT driver utilization are increasing. Unfortunately, the industry hasn’t standardized new driving technologies, which have sprung like mushrooms after the rain. This has led to inconsistent IGBT goods on the market, making product selection difficult for technicians, which hinders industry growth.

Based on this background, Mornsun’s “IGBT Driver Testing Technical Specifications” standard defines IGBT driver technical words, including drive input signal, insulator withstands voltage, common mode rejection ratio, etc. The standard also governs important technological indicators, test procedures, and product stability and reliability to cover industry development gaps.

The “PV Photovoltaic Switching Power Supply” and “AC-DC Versatile DIY Switching Power Supply” standards led by Mornsun were accepted and issued in February. Mornsun aggressively promotes new industrial power supply standards and exports its expertise for industry standardization and green growth.

Preparation prevents waste. Domestic companies want to advance together as “Made in China” becomes “Created in China.” Standardization guides industrial standards and helps turn scientific and technological advances into productive forces.

Mornsun first led the standardization process to avoid product development and design diversions, avert issues, and jointly support the power supply industry’s high-quality growth. For instance, Mornsun’s long-term development and debugging, testing experiments, demand verification, and user feedback have informed this year’s IGBT driver standard. The goal of the China Power Supply Association’s team standards is “to become a high-quality standard reflecting the progress of most outstanding enterprises and exceptional products in the industry, and to fulfill the future development demands of power-related markets and industries.”

Mornsun’s tenacity and initial goal to advance himself and others remain unaltered. Mornsun has surmounted its challenges on the path to autonomous innovation during the last several years. It has also collaborated with the China Power Supply Society and other idealists to design and execute power supply standards to help the sector grow. The vision will continue to advise the power supply sector and drive its high-quality growth.

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