How to make an intro for YouTube videos - with services and software

How to make an intro for YouTube videos – with services and software

How to make an intro for YouTube video for free online? What services or programs are available for this?

How to make an intro for a YouTube video and what it should be like

Beginner bloggers for a long time puzzle over how to increase the popularity of the channel. And often in order to increase the audience, it is enough to make an intro for a YouTube channel online or on PC.

Viewers select for themselves the bloggers they want to follow according to a variety of criteria. Even an advertised account can be unattractive to the audience. Therefore, along with the design of the channel, the user needs to take care of where to make an intro or download an existing blank.

What is an intro in YouTube

Before you make an intro, understand what an intro is and what it represents. Intro is a splash screen for your YouTube video. It is the beginning of the video and it is often the quality of the intro that determines whether a person will continue to watch the video or not. Get followers, likes, and other social media promotion services for Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Telegram fast, cheap, and safely –

If you do not make a 3D intro, the potential viewer will think that the author does not care about his channel. Ironically, the intro sets the tone for the video so that the accidental user who comes across the blogger continues to watch his videos.

How to make an intro for your YouTube channel on the phone

Smartphones are a major source of traffic for YouTube. That’s why many authors don’t bother and try to make an intro for YouTube on the phone.

Before you make an intro for a YouTube channel on your phone, take into account one important fact. Despite the good power of modern devices, this way of how to make an intro for the channel is not the most ideal.

First, smartphone software does not allow you to use the maximum number of effects.

Secondly, many services that allow you to make an intro for YouTube online are simply not available.

Thus, the only way of how to make an intro on Android is to use video editors. The owner of a smartphone is recommended the following programs:

  • YouCut;
  • InShot;
  • Movavi Clips.

Unfortunately, these applications have a set of simple effects, and also do not allow to make an intro without a watermark. Therefore, the intro will be accompanied by the icon of the program that was used to create the intro.

As an alternative version of how to make an intro for a channel on the phone easily, it is worth considering a specially designed application Intro Maker for YT. It provides a huge number of fonts and ready-made templates that you can use for the video. In addition, the program will help figure out how to make an intro Gacha Life on the phone.  Real followers, likes and views in social media –

How to make an intro on a PC

The computer is the primary means to make an intro for a YouTube channel. Modern PCs support the most advanced video editors and special programs for creating effects. Therefore, you can make an intro for YouTube in several ways. Conventionally, they are divided into paid and free.

Free ways

Many people already know that it is quite realistic to make an intro for free. Yes, such methods have some conventions, about which we will report. But first about the really simple and free option.

For those who don’t want to worry about how to make an intro on a PC, ready-made intros are recommended. There are a huge number of them on YouTube itself. Therefore, you need to open the main page of the video hosting and enter in the search box query “Sony Vegas Intro Template”. The system will give an intro for the program Sony Vegas, although you can specify at the beginning of the request the name of another editor.

Download the made intro from one of the links provided in the description to the video. Carefully read this section on the video page and click the download button. And with the above option, the question of how to make an intro in a minute will fall away by itself – download the finished blank.

You can also make your own intro online for free. To perform the operation, refer to one of the recommended useful services:

  • com;
  • com;
  • com.

Since in this case we are talking about how to make an intro online for free for YouTube without registration, you should not count on a large number of effects and templates. The most suitable for this in our case is the online service Panzoid. The functionality of the designated services is limited, and the finished intro is often accompanied by the appearance of a watermark.

How to make an intro for YouTube videos - with services and software

Paid options to create intros

Much more varied look ways of how to make an intro for a video with a certain monetary infusion. But if you’re determined to create a cool channel with cool videos, spending a certain amount of cash doesn’t look like a bad idea.

For those who want to know how to make a cool intro, special programs should be recommended. For example:

  • Sony Vegas;
  • Cinemaster;
  • Panzoid;
  • After Effects.

Figuring out how to make an intro in Vegas, in Panzoid, or in After Effects is difficult. These are cool video editors that are geared toward advanced users.

Luckily, everyone’s favorite YouTube has a bunch of detailed instructions and guides on how to make an intro in Panzoid, Gacha Life and other similar programs. But keep in mind that you’ll have to pay for the licensed version of the intro creation software.

If you do not want to spend your free time to make the intro yourself, you can entrust the performance of this operation to specialists. This is an option for those who do not understand the workings of complex programs like Cinemaster and Sony Vegas.

A certain difficulty may arise in finding an experienced professional who truly knows what an intro in YouTube, and how to make it. On the Internet there are a lot of ads, where each master offers to make an intro for the YouTube channel quickly and accurately.

But sometimes, shelling out 2-3 thousand rubles for the work of the wizard, you get outright potboiler. Therefore, it is first recommended to read the reviews of those who have already ordered the creation of intro from a specialist.

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