How to Design a Cozy and Rustic Bedroom

How to Design a Cozy and Rustic Bedroom

There are various excellent interior design options to explore, but if you are someone who prefers more simplistic, cozy styles, then following a rustic aesthetic could be perfect for you. Neutral colors and wooden furnishing can be perfect for this, as well as a few vintage decorative touches to bring everything together. If your next decorating project is a bedroom in the house, and you would like to create this kind of atmosphere, consider the following suggestions and see if they could realize your vision.


If you have a big enough budget to redo the bedroom floors, then consider whether or not you would prefer carpet or hardwood flooring. The latter will certainly achieve a rustic look, particularly when paired with a thick and stylish rug. Hardwood flooring can be expensive, however, so you might prefer to choose wood-effect laminate flooring if you want to have a similar look at a cheaper cost. If you find carpets to be comfortable and cozy, just remember to include underlay for better insulation and consider how well this carpet will fit the color scheme of the rest of the room.


As mentioned above, wooden furnishing is a perfect fit for rustic aesthetics, so they are certainly worth taking a look at if you are replacing your bedroom furniture. Lighter woods like pine can be good if you want a brighter color scheme, and this could work better for bedrooms that are smaller, as lighter tones can create a sense of space. You can look at these examples of a solid wood bed. If wood isn’t what you’re looking for, old metal beds that follow vintage designs can also work well, or you can opt for more modern, sleeker styles if this is preferable.


Ideally, having natural light flooding the bedroom throughout the day is what you want. This isn’t always possible, but if you can make space for a larger window as part of this project, you may want to think about this. When the sun goes down, however, you will need to make sure there is adequate lighting in the bedroom. Ceiling lights are a must, and you can get a rustic lampshade to match the rest of the décor. Bedside lamps are also a good choice, as they can provide softer lighting in the evening and are perfect for getting cozy and reading a book in bed. Look at these rustic-style lamps for inspiration.

Extra Blankets and Pillows

Having extra blankets and pillows to put on the bed might not always be necessary, particularly in the warmer months. However, when you are in the depths of winter, having additional covers on the bed can be a lifesaver, and they will certainly make you feel cozier as the temperatures plummet outside. You can store them in a closet or trunk while you’re not using them or simply take them off the bed when you sleep if you like the way they look.

If you would like to upgrade a bedroom in your home and transform it into the perfect rustic and cozy hideaway, consider the design tips above and see how they could work for you.

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