Find Out Now: Where Does World Cup 2022 Take Place?

World Cup 2022 is one of the major tournaments that has officially started and is always of special interest to fans. Recently, FIFA announced the venue and list of participating teams. So Where does World Cup 2022 take place?? Let’s Hi88 Find out now in the article below!

What is the World Cup?

Nhà cái Hi88 What is the World Cup? Where does World Cup 2022 take place? It is known that this is the prizeWorld football championship, full name is FIFA World Cup, is a major world football tournament organized every 4 years by the International Football Federation (FIFA) for national and international football teams. Must be a member of FIFA.

Where does the 2022 World Cup take place and what does it mean?

The tournament was first held in Uruguay in 1930, but was not held in 1942 and 1946 due to World War II.

Few people know that before that, it was called Jules Rimet Cup or “World Football Championship – Jules Rimet Cup”. In the history of hosting, Brazil is the only country that has “never been absent”.

Where does World Cup 2022 take place?

So where does the 2022 World Cup take place?According to FIFA’s latest announcement, the 2022 World Cup has been held in Qatar. This country is famous for many attractive tourist attractions and is the richest country in the world. Although Qatar is only a small coastal country, it has many natural mineral mines and a democratic government…should This is a developed country and a leader in many fields.

Where does World Cup 2022 take place? Did you know?

According to the news Hi88 Compiled by TNT Sports, FIFA met and voted secretly to strip Qatar of the right to host the 2022 World Cup. And can cancel sponsorship of the airline here, also known as Qatar Airways, because doubt that the company holding 51% of FIFA shares voted for the home team.

However, football betting analysts all know that if Qatar is stripped of the right to host, they will definitely sue FIFA. This could slow down the process of organizing the Fifa World Cup and affect the FIFA organizing committee. In addition, you can read the 2022 World Cup news in advance with betting experts Hi88.

Time to organize football World Cup 2022

After the organizing committee met with participating member countries about where the 2022 World Cup will take place, the tournament was held from November 21 to December 18, 2022. The reason for the timing of the season The 2022 World Cup was changed due to the extremely hot summer weather in West Asian countries. Temperatures in these countries can reach up to 40 degrees Celsius and such heat can affect the players’ physical strength.

Therefore, Qatar proposed to the organizers to postpone the match time so that the team could easily adapt. There are 4 competitive group stage matches each day. After 12 days, the tournament will end. In particular, the first matches of the group stage took place at 13:00, 16:00, 19:00 and 22:00. The final match of the season’s group stage took place at 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. Vietnam time. So where will the 2022 World Cup take place next?

The venue for the 2022 FIFA World Cup opening ceremony is Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor City on 21 November 2022. And DThe host group attended.
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Teams participating in the 2022 World Cup

Okay You know, the 2022 World Cup has 48 participating teams, an increase of 16 teams compared to the previous World Cup season. However, because Qatar could not fully meet the conditions and the organization was more difficult, the number of teams did not change. Morocco competed with the United States, Canada and Mexico for the right to host next season. Therefore, the 2026 World Cup season will apply the rules, increasing the number of teams from 32 to 48 teams.

Number of places to participate in the 2022 World Cup

Europe area

TAll continents in the world have received specific notifications from FIFA about the number of teams participating in the 2022 World Cup and the competition format. The European region has 13 World Cup qualifiers. The 2022 FIFA World Cup, a qualifying tournament for teams allowed to participate, officially kicked off in early 2021 and is scheduled to take place from early September to November 2022. Of these, 55 countries competed for a spot in the group stage of the 2022 World Cup, including Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Germany… countries that have hosted the World Cup before. All countries have high ratings this season.

Where will the 2022 World Cup take place and how many places will there be?

Asia region

Because Qatar is the host country of the 2022 World Cup, of course it has a special spot to attend. In addition to the teams participating in the 2022 World Cup, including 13 teams in Europe, 3.5 places in Central America and the Caribbean, 0.5 places in Oceania and 5 places in Africa, there were 4.5 places in Europe. Asia and South America.

Teams competed to choose the best team to advance to the next round. Four teams from Asia, North and Central America and the Caribbean, Oceania and South America were drawn. Although Asia and America share 4.5 spots, Asia still reserves 4 spots for the 2022 World Cup season and 1 spot for the knockout round. Asian countries participating in the World Cup select the top teams with the best records to participate.

Furthermore, starting from the second match of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, the Vietnamese national team will be able to play in Group G. According to the goal shared by Coach Park Hang-Seo, if Vietnam passes the group stage, Vietnam will not be at the top. The group must be 1 of the 4 teams with the best records.

Just like the 2018 World Cup, the teams participating in the 2022 World Cup are divided into 2 groups. Each group has 6 teams and the top 2 teams officially win the right to participate in the World Cup. The two third-place teams compete for tickets to the World Cup with the Oceania and Central American teams.

According to the results of the 2022 World Cup, Asian countries selected teams to directly attend the 2023 Asian Cup scheduled to be held in China. In particular, the top teams of each group and the 4 best runner-up teams received tickets to the 2023 Asian Cup finals.

So, Hi88 has just shared it with you Where does World Cup 2022 take place? and some related information. Hopefully this article has brought you more football knowledge about the World Cup that took place.

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