Control and Convenience Are Brought to You by the Combined Metal Camlock Valve

Camlock valves are the most current and cutting-edge development to be introduced to the market, and Union Metal, the market leader in the valve sector, was the company that introduced them. These innovative valves are intended to bring greater control as well as convenience to the manufacturing facility. Make use of camlock valves, which enable you to manage the water flow (continuous ring), as well as remove the barrier when it is required.

A Primer On Camlock Valves And Their Applications

When it comes to supplying the camlock valve used in industrial applications, Union Metal is the industry leader. A cam lock valve is a type of valve that closes by utilizing a cam to lock it in place. Because of this, they are fairly common and simple to use, both of which contribute to their popularity among users in the industrial sector. The metal camlock valve is built with durable components and is constructed to last for many years of use. They offer users a high level of control as well as convenience, and their modular design makes it possible to tailor them to the requirements of individual users.

Typical Applications For Camlock Fitting Types

Camlock valves have a variety of applications, including the manufacturing sector, the oil and natural gas industry, the water treatment industry, and the food processing industry. They are typically put to use in situations that involve both high pressure and temperature, and because their designs are so compact, they are also particularly well suited for usage in confined places. Turning the handle allows you to open or close the cam valve, making it an excellent choice for an application that requires a prompt response.


Controlling or monitoring the flow of fluid or air can be accomplished effectively with the use of camlock valves. They are also simple to operate, making them an excellent option for the operator of any manufacturing facility. Get in touch with Union Metal if you are interested in purchasing these valves.

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