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‘Cisco Hack’ Highlights Danger of Social Engineering Attacks

Recently, the API communication provider Twilio and the well-known network technology giant Cisco (CISCO) have suffered social engineering attacks and data leakage by hackers. Patched “holes”. People are still the biggest vulnerability In an attack against Twilio in early August, hackers carried out a text message phishing scam, impersonating Twilio’s …

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Color Correction Application

Often we don’t like our photos ourselves, but fortunately these days you can easily solve this problem with the photo editor. In app you will be able to edit your photo quickly and easily, from the color of your eyes to the transformation of your body. You can view …

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How To Choose An Anchor Clamp

Sometimes you have to wind up your anchor so many times that it becomes tedious and even a little frustrating. But the Anchor Clamp can help make this time much more enjoyable. This blog article will talk about how to choose the right size, what the benefits are, and what …

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