Best Web Series On Amazon Prime

Best Web Series On Amazon Prime

So there are moments when I’m unsure what to watch on the internet. I open Netflix, only to learn that I’ve already seen all of the fantastic original web series available.

But Netflix isn’t the only game in town. Amazon Prime, the other huge shark in the water, also has some excellent original web series to binge-watch.

To be honest, I’ve been pleasantly impressed by the caliber of the episodes available on Amazon Prime, and I’m not only talking about the most popular ones.

There are many underrated web series on Amazon Prime that are also on our list, and you can also download them from the pirate bay if you don’t have access to Prime.

Let’s begin:

1: The Terror

This is a particular favorite of mine.

The Terror is an American horror drama anthology television series that chronicles a different scary and unsettling narrative in history each season.

The performances are fantastic, and the atmosphere has been expertly constructed to get under your skin.

Personally, I believe this program is underappreciated, so it is one of the finest horror web series available.

There are many other amazing web series on Amazon Prime, but this is simply my top selection for the greatest Amazon Prime web series.

2: The Boys

Okay, we all know how overdone the superhero genre has become.

The superhero genre has become too dull, with new superhero movies and programs coming out every few weeks.

But believe me when I say that The Boys is unlike any other superhero program ever created.

It’s light, breezy, and perfect for binge-watching.

Consider this scenario: the Justice League is run by rich businesses, and the superheroes are simply famous jerks who pretend to be nice for the sake of publicity. What if there’s a group of Mercenaries out to reveal the truth?

3: Catastrophe

Catastrophe is without a doubt one of television’s finest shows, and its abrupt cancellation means we’re losing one of the medium’s funniest comedies.

We’re also losing the most heartbreakingly honest program about marriage, parenthood, and the day-to-day grind of raising a family, especially when your kids are little.

The dark, black comedy of the series has always been its best asset.

Children are sometimes regarded as an accessory or character characteristics on television rather than as treasured small individuals who have a huge influence on your life.

On Catastrophe, that never occurred.

4: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Though it has received some criticism for being a privileged fantasy, Maisel’s fantastical elements are nonetheless a lot of fun.

It’s clever, sardonic, and occasionally heartfelt.

But, for the most part, it boils down to having a lot of witty phrases and a lot of beautiful outfits, with Brosnahan bringing Maisel back from the verge of getting a bit too theatrical at times.

In fact, everyone in this whirling, wacky series is fantastic, particularly the long-suffering Susie.

Maisel is pure escapism with a well-earned bite every now and again.

5: The Underground Railroad

The fictitious narrative of two fugitive slaves, Cora and her lover Caesar, as they travel the American South via a system of genuine subterranean railways is told in this 10-episode limited series.

The series is beautiful and evocative while never avoiding the atrocities Cora and Caesar are fleeing, most notably the merciless slave catcher Ridgeway, who hunts the couple relentlessly.

Jenkins’ worldbuilding is intentional, and each episode seems like a chapter in their trip, one station on the railroad at a time.

Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina all feel like separate countries with their own set of standards for how to treat African-Americans.

6: The Wheel Of Time

The Wheel of Time is a fast entrée into Robert Jordan’s vast literary series, which apparently comprises 2782 individual characters, and runs for an economic eight-hour-long episode.

I can honestly say that as a newcomer to the franchise, it took me several episodes to figure out what everyone’s name was.

The Wheel of Time teases out a lot, but it’s unclear if it’ll ever fill it in. For the time being, it’s a thrilling trip.

The Bottom Line


We have elaborated on some of the finest web series on Amazon Prime right here at your fingertips.

If you are unsure about which series to pick first, watch their trailer and see which one appeals to you the most.

For further information, reach us in the comment section below.

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