Why Is It Important to Hire a Business Broker When Selling?

Selling a business is no easy task. Not only do you want to get the best price for it, but you would like it to go into the right hands. There are also tasks regarding negotiations, going through financial statements, and the transition process. All of it can be pretty overwhelming.

Just like when it comes to selling a house, you should never attempt to sell a business without assistance. Business brokers are individuals who act as the middleman during a business sale, particularly for ones labeled as “small businesses.” Aside from alleviating some of the stress you might be dealing with, they can give you the tools that lead you to a successful deal.

Instead of tirelessly searching “business broker near me” on Google, you can find the most trusted ones from PBS Brokers. They have been providing quality service to buyers and sellers throughout Orange County for over two decades in a variety of different fields. They make all parts of the process easy, whether it be analyzing market value or obtaining SBA financing. They can also ensure any of the benefits mentioned below.

Accurate Value

Though it might be easy to come up with an estimated price for your business, that is merely the value you are hoping for. It does not mean that is what your business is actually worth. Buyers are going to be very particular when they look at your brand and establishment, so they may not always offer the deal you want.

Before getting offended, it is crucial for you to know your actual market value. Not only could a business broker give you an accurate price, but they can help you understand the different ways you could enhance your business so that you can increase the value. Some business brokers, like PBS Brokers, even offer a free tool that you can use before hiring them.

Guarantees Qualified Buyers

Selling your business can be bittersweet, especially knowing how much work you put into it. Due to this, you may be worried about it ending up in the wrong hands. After sealing the deal, you may ask yourself if it was the right decision. Will the business still be afloat in months, let alone a year?

Business brokers don’t just already have a large pool of buyers in their network, but they are also skilled at scanning each prospective person and their credentials before presenting them to you. They will ensure that the individual understands your business and has similar goals that you do.


Even if you are ready to sell, you might not be prepared to let others in your circle know about it. For some, their employees, clients, and vendors may feel uneasy about a change, which could lead them to leave right with you. Not only would this leave you without resources while you’re still selling, but it can also lower your market value.

Business brokers make it so that selling your business is not as open and flashy as it is to sell a home. They use their own underlying network to market your livelihood to others and never disclose information about who you are until they find the right prospects. This allows you to announce the big news on your time.


Just because you are selling your business does not mean that your job as an owner stops. You are still bound to be working tirelessly to keep things afloat, and making sure you have all of the proper paperwork in order can be mind-boggling and add as an additional stressor.

Business brokers can keep your ducks in a row by laying out a checklist of the different documents you will need for both legal purposes and for prospective buyers. They additionally are able to help you prepare your staff and vendors for the change by laying out everything that should be expected in the upcoming months and years.

Perks for the Buyer

Even though business brokers can do a lot for the seller, that does not mean that buyers cannot be assisted, too. They have their own list of advantages:

Due Diligence

It is important that you are making a sound and risk-free investment, so brokers will provide you with the Due diligence of the businesses you are looking at. This information includes the balance sheets, income statements, and tax returns they have had over the years. This will help you know if you really want to buy. They will also be a support in the negotiation process so that you are able to advocate for a worthwhile price.

SBA Financing

To make sure that you can obtain your dream company and promise cash to the seller immediately, you will need to have financing. Business brokers are able to help you work with the Small Business Association for the best possible loans so that your buyer’s down payment is as low as possible. PBS Brokers, for instance, has been able to get up to 90% financing with SBA-PLP for their buyer clients.

What Makes PBS Brokers Stand Out

To reap the benefits you want, you need to choose the most reliable business broker in your area. The investigation process might sound tricky, but it can easily be avoided if you put your faith into the trusted crew at PBS Brokers, a leader in Orange County and San Diego-related sales for over 20 years.

Both buyers and sellers trust them to do the job because they promise to make every part of the sale easy, including the transitional stage. There are going to be concerns on both sides of the deal, and they will be there to make sure everyone is on the same page.

No matter what type of industry your business is a part of, PBS Brokers is bound to have the tools to help you. They have extended assistance from common fields like healthcare and manufacturing to the more niche, such as aerospace and B2B services.

There are many valuable resources on their website that you are able to use even before you partner with them. You can use the free Market Analysis Tool to know your worth, find a list of valuable books and podcasts, as well as see the step-by-step process they guarantee you when obtaining their assistance. While working with them, you also have access to their network of lawyers, CPAs, and advisors.

Sales take a lot of time and preparation. Without the right assistance, you could make many errors or miss out on better buyers or investments. A business broker from PBS Brokers is a surefire way to avoid such risks. To see your business’s current market price and to discover more about the PBS Brokers process, visit www.pbsbrokers.com.

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