Why are professional headshots needed?

Every aspiring actor who wants to find himself in the film industry should have professional headshots in NYC. Having your own portfolio allows you to show your photogenicity and ability to fit in with this or that image. In addition to the film industry, professional photos may be needed in the modeling business, for participation in reality shows, casting for shows. You can order high-quality photos where you can demonstrate your talent in the photography studio of Lev Gorn.

What to pay attention to when preparing a portfolio

In order for the photo shoot to be successful and for the professional headshots in New York to be realistic, there are a number of things you need to do to help improve the photo shoot:

  • Think about the image you want to be in. If you are preparing for your first photo shoot, then you can prepare several images so that the photos will be varied.
  • Think of an outfit. The clothes should fully convey the atmosphere and theme of the photo shoot. It is best to prepare all the costumes in advance. If you want to be photographed in a vintage style, then you will need to order costumes.
  • Preparation of props. Thematic accessories will help accentuate the outfit. They should look unobtrusive and harmonious.
  • Makeup. The makeup should be applied to the face so that it is possible to emphasize the eyes, lips, but the makeup should not be provocative.

In many ways, the result of a photoshoot depends on the professionalism of the photographer. The master must convey all emotions and personal traits in the photo. In his works Lev Gorn makes an accent on revealing hidden character traits, which allows to show a person from a new side. This approach helps actors to show themselves in different roles.

Lev Gorn’s many years of experience, not only in acting, but also in directing, helps him to achieve this result. He manages to bring out many facets of the actors.

How does a professional shoot go?

In order for the photo shoot to create a true masterpiece, not only the actor must be prepared, but also the location for the photo shoot. The choice of location determines how natural the photos will look. Lev Gorn creates unique portfolios for each actor, carefully selecting the location for the photo shoot.

During his work, Lev chooses an individual approach to each client. There is no need to worry about how you look in the frame, everything happens as naturally as possible, which helps you create a real masterpiece.

How you can sign up for a professional shoot with Lev Gorn

You can make an appointment for professional headshots in New York City by calling or visiting the GORNPHOTO photo studio website. If you want to clarify any information, you can first send a message or sign up for a free consultation. During the consultation, you will be able to clarify all the details and nuances of the photo session.

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