Top 5 Best Demat Accounts With Lowest Brokerage Charges in India

Finding the right broker to open a Demat account is always hard for beginners in the stock market. Many go with stockbrokers who seem shiny at the point time, some ask their friends, some see advertisements and go for them, and many choose Brokers with the lowest brokerage charge.

While there are many companies with whom you can open a free Demat account, in this article, we have tried to shortlist the five best ones to make your search process easier.

What is a Demat Account?

With securities and equity, it’s essential to have a Demat account. To open a Demat account, you must go to depository participants (DP), who can be stockbrokers, brokerage firms, banks, and more. After that, you can enjoy investing in the stock market.

But the question is how to choose the right stock broker for yourself. And it’s way harder than you might think.

Top 5 Stock Brokers in India with the Lowest Brokerage Charges

  1. Choice India

With one of the lowest brokerages on the market and cutting-edge technology at your side, Choice India provides you with one of the best investing experiences. Free in-depth research, Personal Dedicated Relationship Manager, Free expert advice, and much more.

  • 2% brokerage on delivery
  • 02% brokerage on Intraday

Choice also provides all these services in one advanced application Jiffy; company pages, IPO analysis, research and investing all are just one click away.

  1. Zerodha

One of the biggest and household names in discount broker history, Zerodha provides no delivery charges and a fantastic application Kite to manage and track all your investment.

  • No charges on delivery
  • Flat Rs 20 or 0.03% on intraday*

Zerodha also gives you access to Varsity online stock market education to learn everything about investing and many more tools.

  1. Upstox

Being one of the most prominent discount brokers with over 52 lakh active users. Upstox is also trendy for youngsters, providing a smooth and minimalistic interface they love. You can invest in mutual funds, digital gold, futures and more with Upstox.

  • Flat Rs 20 or 2.5% on delivery*
  • Flat Rs 20 or 0.05% on intraday*

Upstox also provides its users with market insight and information for better decisions.

  1. Angle one

Angle Broker is one of the oldest names with a rich 30-year-plus history. Angle one provides its users with advanced research tools for stock analysis and in-depth research, and you can also get your portfolio managed by experts at angle one.

  • Zero brokerage on delivery
  • Flat Rs 20 or 0.25% on intraday*

Angle broking might be old, but their online Demat account is brand new and robust. You also get ready-made portfolios to invest in, saving precious time and giving you world-class returns.

  1. Groww

Groww has shown exponential growth in the discount broker market. Groww started with mutual funds and today has entered in stocks, bonds, trading, futures and options, digital gold and US stocks on the way.

  • Flat Rs 20 or 0.05% on both delivery and intraday*

With its attractive interface, shockingly amazing transaction balance sheets, and easy-to-use app, Groww has become the first choice for beginners in the market.

There are many more brokers, but all discount brokers top the chart when talking about the lowest brokerage charges. (“*” whichever is lower).

Choosing a broker who charges the lowest is not always a great idea because if the broker is charging an awfully low amount as a promotion to gain more users, they won’t make enough money to run their broker house and might end up in the red. Always go for the best broker who has proved themself in the market.

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