Top 4 Reasons To Plant a Tree in Memory of Someone

Top 4 Reasons To Plant a Tree in Memory of Someone

Planting a tree, or more than one, is giving a gift that keeps giving for many years to come. Besides making for an excellent memorial option for gifting, planting trees gives back to the planet and the wildlife that depends on native trees for their habitat and protection from the elements. Trees also improve air quality and give us oxygen that we depend on every day.

There are many reasons that people choose to plant a tree in memory of someone. For the top four reasons to plant a memorial tree, continue reading below.

Commemorate a Birth

The birth of a new baby is a special time in life that should be remembered in a special way. Planting a memorial tree the year that a new family member arrives allows you and them to watch the tree grow as they do with each passing year. This is a terrific gift not only for the parents but the grandparents as well. Be sure to choose a tree native to your area so that your tree continues to thrive.

Memorial Trees

Memorializing a loved one by planting a tree in their honor is a beautiful remembrance of the deceased. Be sure to choose a plant that is suited for your area. If need be, trees can be delivered to the recipient with planting instructions. Alternatively, you can have a tree planted in one of many national forests in the United States as part of a reforestation project. Recipients are sent a personalized memorial card as a remembrance with information about where the tree was planted.

Wedding Anniversary

A wedding anniversary is a celebration worthy of lasting remembrance. Being able to watch your tree grow and blossom along with your relationship is something very special. Planting a tree for your anniversary is a romantic gesture from the very first anniversary and beyond. Commemorating a special anniversary for your parents and grandparents is a gift that won’t collect dust on the shelf and that is sure to be appreciated.

Symbol of Hope

Life is full of uncertainties. Plants, in general, symbolize hope in that from a tiny seedling, a mighty oak can grow. Trees weather all seasons with dignity and grace, even when faced with harsh terrain and uncertain conditions. Planting a tree as a symbol of hope reminds us that we, too, can persevere even when times are tough and life is unpredictable. Show your support for a special person and plant a tree in memory of someone to give the gift of hope.

A Living Gift

There are many reasons why people plant trees in memory of someone else. No matter the reason, planting a tree is a living testament to the relationship that you share. When you plant a tree in memory of someone special, you are giving not only a memorable gift to the recipient but a gift to nature as well. Consider making a living gift of trees in remembrance of a special person or occasion in your life.

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