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Know how to play chess will help you confidently master each bet. However, if you do not clearly understand the rules of the game, you will lose at any time. So, stay tuned for the following article Trang Chủ Jun88 to better understand the rules of this game.

 Introduction to chess boards

Characteristics of the chess board

Before learning playing chess Then you must clearly understand the chess board and the pieces. Each starting game will have enough 32 troops and divide them equally among the parties16 Troops have separate symbols.

Accordingly, the chessboard will be a rectangle consisting of 9 vertical lines and 10 horizontal lines intersecting at 90 points. In the middle there is a space that divides the cue table into two symmetrical parts called rivers.

According to convention, when looking at the chessboard from the front, the white piece will be below and above it. The vertical lines on the white side will be numbered1 arrive9 She started from right to left. The vertical lines on the black side will be numbered9 nex1 in order right to left..

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Principles of movement in playing Chinese chess

Learn the principles of moving pieces in playing Chinese chess

When learninghow to play chess Then you must understand the movement rules of each type of army. As follows:

  • Good: Each country will move one square before crossing the river. Once passed, it can go sideways or straight forward.
  • Cannon: Moves horizontally and vertically like a vehicle, but to destroy the opponent, it must jump over another piece.
  • Code: This piece will move 2 spaces horizontally and 1 vertical spaceor 2 cells vertical and 1 cell horizontal for each country. In case there is a piece located right next to the knight and blocking the 2nd horizontal or vertical path, it will not be able to go this path.
  • Car: Has the right to move horizontally or vertically as long as it is not blocked by other pieces.
  • Statue: Move 2 squares diagonally for each move and are only allowed on one side of the board, not moving to the opponent’s side.
  • Si: This piece will move diagonally 1 square per move and must always be in the same position as the general.
  • General: Will go sideways or flatc one cell at a time and always stay within the arc (3×3 square) but not outside.

The most basic and detailed way to play Chinese chess in 2024

Instructions on how to play chess most accuratelyspent for you

Chess is one of the games that has many unique rules and is especially difficult for new players. So when finding out how to play chess Then you need to understand the following points.

Regulation bmust be army

  • If your armyIf you reach an intersection where the opponent is standing, you will have the right to capture and occupy this position.
  • Do not capture troops on your side.
  • The captured piece will be eliminated and lifted off the chess board.

Law cfilial piety

  • If one side’s piece captures the opponent’s general, this is called checkmate.
  • The side that is checkmated needs to find ways to cope and avoid the checkmate move to avoid losing the game.

How to darmy

  • Move your side troops to a position where the opponent (except generals) may be in the next move.
  • A move that can cause Cannon to check the opponent’s piece.

Law tclear the flag

  • Checkmate the opponent’s champion and that side has no way to defend against other moves.
  • One of the two parties does not visit enough countries within the prescribed time period.
  • The opponent does not comply with the prescribed time to start a new game.
  • If the other side keeps using the same checker, they need to change their moves or they will lose.
  • The opponent apologizes for defeat.

Regulation twaving the flag

  • According to the regulations of how to play chess, if the parties make 3 technical errors and 3 behavioral errors, they will lose.
  • If you violate any of the following cases, you will lose according to the specific regulations above on the chess positions.

Law hcheers

  • When Both sides no longer have any troops that can attack the opponent to check.
  • If the total number of moves since the last time the game progressed is 30. The game progresses when the pawn has reached the other side of the river and moved one more step.
  • Neither side broke any prohibitions and there was no change in moves.
  • In case both parties violate the prohibition at the same time.
  • If the total number of moves in the game is 300 but no one wins yet, it will be a draw
  • In case one side proposes a draw and the opponent also agrees, the game is recognized as a draw.
  • If one side is in a checkmate position and has no moves left, it will not be allowed to request a draw.


Above is a summary of information to guide you how to play chess most detailed. Hopefully with your sharingJun88 will help players understand the rules and participate most effectively. Wish you luck.

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