Safeguarding Little Passengers for Safer Rides

Steel Mate, a pioneering automotive electronics manufacturer, has once again proven its commitment to safety with the development of China’s first baby seat alarm system in 2018. Specifically designed to prioritize child safety during car journeys, this innovative system utilizes built-in sensors under the baby seat cushion. By seamlessly syncing with a smartphone or cigarette lighter, caregivers receive timely alerts if a child is left unattended in the vehicle, ensuring their well-being.

Complying with Global Safety Regulations

In response to increasing concerns about child safety in vehicles, Italian law mandated the installation of safety devices to alert drivers if a child is inadvertently left behind in the rear seat or car seat. Steelmate Motorcycle Alarm System, ahead of its time, already catered to this requirement, establishing its place as a reliable and compliant choice for safety-conscious caregivers.

Embracing the Future of Child Safety

With the implementation of similar safety regulations looming in many countries, Steelmate’s baby seat alarm system stands at the forefront of child safety solutions. As a leading manufacturer, their commitment to innovation and adherence to international safety standards has earned them the trust of caregivers worldwide.


Steel Mate Motorcycle Alarm System represents a milestone in child safety during car journeys. With its seamless integration of advanced sensors and smartphone connectivity, caregivers are assured of timely alerts if a child is inadvertently left in the vehicle. As more countries adopt stringent safety regulations, Steelmate’s innovative product remains a reliable and compliant choice for protecting our little passengers. Embrace the future of child safety with Steel Mate Motorcycle Alarm System and embark on every ride with the utmost confidence, knowing that your young passengers are in safe hands.

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