Reasons to engage non-competition agreement attorneys in Charlotte

As an employee, you are expected to abide by your company’s rules and regulations. Employers often use restrictive covenants as a means to prohibit employees from engaging in certain conduct during their employment and after they leave the job. If you are about to sign a non-competition agreement or have been accused of breaching a restrictive covenant, you should seek legal help. Your job and career are at stake, and there is no reason why you should take chances. Charlotte non-competition agreement attorneys can be immensely resourceful and can take appropriate action as necessary. Here are some things to know.

What are non-compete and non-solicitation agreements?

A non-compete agreement prohibits direct competition between an employee and their previous employer. On the other hand, a non-solicitation agreement bars an employee from poaching clients or customers from their previous employer. If you are wondering whether these clauses and agreements are valid, the answer is yes. In North Carolina, such restrictive covenants are lawful, provided the scope and duration are limited. In other words, your former employer cannot sue you after the agreement period if you start a competitor firm of your own. If such restrictive covenants are fair and lawful, why are employees worried? The answer lies in the outcome.

Reasons to worry about restrictive covenants

When you sign non-competition and non-solicitation clauses, you are submitting to them. Detractors argue that restrictive covenants can prevent employees from finding better and higher-paying jobs. For instance, if you have worked in app development for years and want to switch jobs, you will inevitably end up working for a company that’s in competition with your current employer.

How can non-competition agreement attorneys help?

A non-competition agreement attorney can do a detailed review of the case and give you a fair and honest overview of the possibilities. They will also explain the legal options you can consider along with your responsibilities and rights. They will also investigate further when you are accused of a breach, gather the evidence and information you need, and ensure all the paperwork is done right. Your lawyer is meant to protect your rights and will fight for the best outcome.

Final word

If you are in a situation with your former employer because of non-competition agreements or similar clauses, you need legal counsel. Don’t step back from scheduling a consultation with a reliable lawyer, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can find local listings in Charlotte through legal sites.  

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