Lighten Your Bathroom with the Shower Trays of DAYA

When it comes to finding the perfect shower tray for your bathroom, look no further than DAYA-a renowned and trusted name in the industry. With years of experience and expertise, DAYA has established itself as a reliable manufacturer of high-quality  shower trays that meet the diverse needs and preferences of customers. The distinctive feature distinguishing DAYA from other bathroom brands is material choice, therefore, stone resin shower tray is one of the best-selling products in DAYA.

Strength of DAYA’s Stone Resin Shower Trays

What sets DAYA’s stone resin shower trays apart from other manufacturers is their commitment to delivering superior quality products that are built to last. Their stone resin shower trays are known for durability, strength and resistance as materials are composed of unsaturated polyester resin, calcium carbonate and others. They take pride in ensuring that the products undergo rigorous testing procedures before leaving their factory, so as to guarantee their longevity.

Customized Design Tailored to Your Vision

Another aspect where DAYA’s stone resin shower trays truly excels is customization. They understand that every customer has unique requirements when it comes to their bathroom fittings. That’s why they offer a wide range of customization options, allowing customers to choose from different sizes, shapes and colors. With these options at your disposal, you can create a shower tray that perfectly complements your bathroom decor.


DAYA has been dedicated to providing the best bathroom products over the past years. As we look towards the future, there is no doubt that DAYA will continue pushing boundaries with innovative designs and excellent services. Their commitment to excellence ensures that customers can rely on receiving only the best when choosing a stone resin shower tray from this esteemed manufacturer.

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