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Borjan shoes is a distinguished brand in the Pakistan shoes assiduity and now making its presence in the transnational market too. Borjan shoes aims to serve all age groups (substantially 18- 65 cognizance), genders and preferences of individualities to give quality shoes for everyone. The shoes are made with quality assurance and monitoring, using the stylish quality accoutrements and rearmost trendy designs, the shoes are made with the love, care and made trouble free for their customers. The shoes reflect the generalities behind the styles, making and assembling trouble, the display art and safety quilting. Borjan also provides accessories to complete the aesthetics including jewelry, bags, clutches and money keeping smart wallets. Hence borjan provides you with all the styles matching your personality whether enthusiasm and stinky or majestic and sophisticated, borjan got you all covered!


Since borjan entered this industry, they’re working on furnishing the variety to the consumers by making all possible sizes and colors in each of the styles. The purpose of this variety is to give customers with the choice of colors according to their need or preference. The colors are decided according to the shoe style. Generally black, brown, tan, beige and maroon are the color variants in utmost of the shoes and some of them have stinky colors like unheroic, green, pink and other neon colors. Sizes range from 36 to 41 in women and 40- 45 in men. These sizes and colors variety keep the client satisfied happy and brand pious.


Borjan shoes always prefers to work on diversity so that everyone can get their type of shoes. Borjan work on different shoes styles including formal, unproductive, sports, home wear and tear slippers and traditional shoes. These orders include different styles and designs further. Formal men shoes includes lace up and slip on both styles for formal wear and tear. Casual includes driving mocs, idlers and sliders. out-of-door shoes feed audacious shoes for hiking or travelling. Sports shoes also have multiple disciplines including lurkers, training and handling shoes. Traditional shoes have peshawari chappals and sandals for men. For ménage movement inside the house Men slippers can be worn. Moving towards women shoes borjan have variety of styles for formal shoes including idlers, sandals, heels and court shoes. Casual order includes sliders, glance toes, sandals, pumps, sling tails and and moccs. For adventure travelling to hilly areas, boots category has the best options. Sports shoes have multipurpose lurkers for spa and style both. The traditional order includes chappals and khussa styles. Uggs, conforts and slippers can be used inside the house to work around. Hence borjan have provisioned nearly all of the branches for different people.


Quality is one of the main factors which grabs attention and pious consumers. This is why borjan no way compromise on quality of the shoes. They land stylish quality material from original merchandisers and transnational merchandisers too. The quality assurance first checks the accoutrements and also authorize for product if it meets the quality criteria. Borjan always give their consumers the stylish quality shoes. Borjan not only provides quality in shoes but also provides stylish client services and easy exchange programs for the convenience of their consumers. Borjan shoes keeps the norms of quality high and meet transnational SOP’s of shoe comfort and continuity.

Prices affordability:

Borjan always tries to keep the prices competitive. Borjan shoes are adequately priced after proper research. However, we can easily see the price difference with reference to the quality, if we compare borjan shoes with other brands. Borjan is furnishing same quality of shoes or indeed better quality in lower prices than other brands. Prices are kept fairly low, so that everyone can have the shoes they love to wear. This conception has awarded borjan with numerous satisfied and brand pious consumers.

Event /Season specified:


Borjan keep on generating new designs for their consumers with rearmost cuts and trends. Borjan produce summer and downtime both collections every time and keep on adding new designs in the collection time to time. Summer collection contains summer designs including chappals, sandals and other open shoes majorly whereas downtime collections correspond of unrestricted shoes majorly. Borjan also launches marriage and gleeful collections simply for marriage seasons. Those collections have matrimonial heels, fancy sandless and all other fancy shoes ne can wear for party, gleeful events or marriages. These collections are produced on high client demands and according to request trends. Formal shoes for men are also designed according to marriage or formal party events.

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