Is it Possible to Buy Crypto with Credit Card?

While the cryptocurrency market is evolving, greeting dozens of new projects and coins, the infrastructure of this field does not stand still – more and more new crypto investment platforms are emerging in the market, offering different interesting reading tools and features. In this article, we will talk about the best way to trade cryptocurrency.

There are three main questions to solve before buying crypto:

  • What asset to buy?
  • What trading strategy to pick?
  • What platform to use?

Experienced investors recommend diversifying investment portfolios, buying mega and large-cap coins such as Bitcoin, XRP, Solana, and others, as well as middle-cap assets, for example, the DASH cryptocurrency.

DASH has valuable technology and many real use cases. The asset is used as a payment method in many stores and businesses, as well as a tool for currency conversion and transfers worldwide. The DASH platform is compatible with bank cards, PayPal, and cash currencies.

The DASH crypto showed significant price growth in the past, and as of mid-January 2022, the rate of the coin is $52, which is a good price to buy DASH in the long term.

Probably long-term investment is the best way to warm money from crypto, for the market is down now and is supposed to grow in 2023.

Where to Buy Cryptocurrency?

The best way to buy cryptocurrency is through a regulated crypto exchange WhiteBIT. The platform has a central body that monitors transactions and controls the quality of services. As a regulated exchange, it allows clients to register and pass verification. Those who want to skip verification access only spot trading options with limited withdrawals. Registered and verifies users can access all features and tools: p2p, margin, leverage, futures, etc., and unlimited withdrawals. Important to note that verified users can buy digital assets with fiat money using debit and credit cards. For that purpose, add your bank card to your account and transfer the needed amount of fiat to your main account. Then open the WhiteBIT converter and pick the currency you have and the coins you wish to buy (for example, DASH). The calculator will display the current DASH price calculated in your currency (dollars, euros, etc.), and once you pay the fee, you will receive DASH in your account. WhiteBIT has sufficient liquidity for all traded pairs, so transactions proceed faster than other exchanges.

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