How You Should Deal with a Denied Car Accident Claim?

How You Should Deal with a Denied Car Accident Claim?

If you’ve met with a car accident and filed a claim, chances are high that your car insurance company may deny your claim. This can result in a stressful situation; thus, you must know how to deal with it. Before diving into how legal advice from a car accident lawyer can help, understanding the potential reasons behind a denied car accident claim is vital. This article highlights how you should deal with a denied car accident claim. Let’s dive in!

Common Reasons Why Insurance Claims Get Denied

1. Insurance coverage is incomplete

Understanding the insurance coverage is a complicated process. Above all, the insurer does not take the pain to explain the coverage to you in detail. Thus, your coverage may not match the accident details during a car accident, resulting in the denial of an insurance claim.

2. You were proven guilty

During the car accident, if you were proven guilty or at fault, the compensation amount may be reduced, or the insurance company may completely deny your claim. Such decisions are evidence-based.

3. Your statements and evidence are the difference

Right after the car accident, your statements will be recorded by the police officer and mentioned in the police report. Later, the evidence, like videos and photos of the crash spot, your injuries, vehicle, and more, is collected. If your statements and collected evidence do not match, your insurance claim can be denied.

4. The case is not investigated

The primary aim of the insurance company is to safeguard their money. Thus, they may not take an interest in your case and avoid investigation. At times, the case is investigated, and a false story is displayed to lower the accident claim.

Steps To Take After A Denied Car Accident Claim?

1. Gather evidences

Collect all necessary evidence, including police reports, eyewitness information, photographs, medical reports, and other supporting evidence, and submit their copies to the insurance company.

2. Draft a letter

Draft an appeal letter mentioning why you’re not satisfied with the decisions made by the insurance company. Ensure you give a detailed statement and provide information step-by-step.

3. Hire an attorney

If you feel stuck or overwhelmed, hire a car accident lawyer or an experienced professional to review your case and collect evidence and supporting documents so your car accident claim is not denied. They make sure you get a fair compensation.

Wrapping Up 

Dealing with a denied car accident claim is an overwhelming process; that’s when a car accident lawyer can help. They are professional experts who understand your case and take the necessary steps to protect your claim.

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