How to Go Abroad For Studies after 12th from India?

How to Go Abroad For Studies after 12th from India?

Every student aspires to study abroad after their 12th for a better lifestyle, better career opportunities, and high income. The number of Indian students travelling abroad for higher education increased to 750,365 in 2022, a significant growth of 68% compared to 2021 data.

However, pursuing higher studies abroad is no walk in the park. You must adopt the right mindset, follow a structured learning approach, meet all the required admission criteria, and give your 200% effort to achieve your goals. One wrong move can cost you a seat at your dream university. That’s why you should consult an expert. is a famous study abroad consultant with several years of assisting students in realising their goals.

Backed by an exceptional team of experts, the site offers end-to-end support to everyone aspiring to study abroad. Upon signing up, students can access many services like IELTS coaching online, application processing, test preparation, eligibility assessment, visa assistance, travel assistance, and more.

Although most consultants are at students’ beck and call, knowing how to study abroad after completing the 12th grade is wise. If you relate, you may find the following sections informative and useful.

Why Study at a Foreign University after 12th?

Overseas education opens the doors to several benefits and opportunities. Here are some of the advantages of doing under graduation abroad:

  • You get access to several lucrative opportunities and become a global citizen. You also develop self-independent skills and learn to adapt to different surroundings.
  • A UG degree from a foreign institution gets you recognition from employers around the globe. The chances of getting employed by the host country after studies also increase.
  • Pursuing further studies abroad improves your intercultural communication skills and enhances your language skills, which are crucial to establishing a career in the same country.
  • Studying abroad will allow you to become self-reliant and expand your views on different cultures and communities. Plus, you’ll develop a high level of maturity to survive in any environment.
  • Foreign universities offer a vast range of well-designed courses focusing on practical learning rather than traditional, theoretical learning.
  • Studying abroad is an expensive investment but with a highly satisfactory return. Countries like the US, Germany and the UK offer students a stay-back option after graduation to explore work opportunities, which ensures high paychecks.

How to Study Abroad After 12th?

Pursuing higher studies abroad after 12th may be difficult but not impossible. You need to prepare right and meet the requirements to get selected. Here’s what you should do:

1. Find your interested course:

As mentioned earlier, foreign universities offer countless courses. You must identify your interested field of Study before applying.

2. Pick your destination for studies:

Deciding your Study abroad destination is crucial. Although the UK, the US, Australia, Germany, France, and Canada are popular study abroad destinations for Indians after the 12th, consider factors like the language, culture, climate, cost of living, course fees, and work and research opportunities before deciding.

3. Research the best universities:

Once you have shortlisted the study field and destination, decide on the university. While searching, consider academic and research opportunities, courses available, and fees. Note the application deadlines and the prerequisites.

4. Prepare for standardised tests:

Check the requirements for the standardised tests of the chosen courses. The required tests and scores vary by course and university. But generally, students have to take the following tests:

·  English language proficiency tests like IELTS, PTE, Duolingo, CAE, or TOEFL

·  Competitive tests such as SAT, LSAT, MSAT or ACT to test the applicant’s verbal, quantitative, reasoning and subject-related skills

·  Other language proficiency tests for French or German if the course demands

5. Apply to the shortlisted universities:

Start applying to your shortlisted universities within the provided timeline. Gather the necessary documents for application to get a favourable response. Some of the commonly asked documents include:

· Transcripts and certificates

·  Mark sheets

· Reports of the standardised tests

· Proof of language proficiency

· Proof of financial capability

· Letter of Recommendation(s)

· Statement of Purpose

· Application essays

6. Start with the visa process:

Upon your admission confirmation, apply for a student visa. You can apply for it online, through a consultant, or at the embassy by filling out the application form with the requested set of documents:

· An accurately filled visa application form

· A valid passport

· Proof of finance to confirm your ability to fund your stay and education abroad

· Proof of a Bonafide student

· Proof of English and other requested language proficiency

· Letter of admission to a foreign university

· Previous education transcripts (if asked)

What Are The Best Courses to Pursue Abroad After 12th?  

To establish a successful career after studies, you must choose a subject you are genuinely passionate about. Let’s now explore the popular courses students from India pursue in foreign universities after completing the 12th grade:

Commerce Arts

  • BA in Accounting Management
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Diploma in Business Administration
  • BCom. in Finance and Accounting
  • BS in Management Science
  • BA in Management Science
  • BA in Finance Management

  • Bachelor of Arts (BA)
  • Journalism and Mass Communications
  • Law
  • Bachelor of Interior Design
  • BA in Interior Design
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  • Fine Arts
  • Hotel Management
  • BS in Product Design




Medical Non-medical (Science & Engineering)

  • Doctor (MBBS)
  • Veterinary (B.V.Sc)
  • Homoeopathy (BHMS)
  • Physiotherapy
  • Clinical Research
  • Radiology
  • Audiology
  • Optometry (B.Optom)
  • Public Health Administration
  • Occupational Therapy



  • Chemistry
  • BS in Engineering Management
  • IT Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering Management
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Energy Management and Engineering.
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering


What are the Popular Universities among Indians for UG Courses?

Here’s a list of universities Indian students popularly pick for undergraduate studies:

Destination/Country Top Picks Among Indian Students
The UK ·       The University of Glasgow

·       Queen Mary University of London

·       University of Leeds

·       University of Liverpool


The US ·       The University of Delaware

·       Florida International University

·       Michigan State University

·       Northeastern University


Australia ·       The University of Queensland

·       The University of Sydney

·       The University of New South Wales

·       Griffith University


Canada ·       The University of Alberta

·       Centennial College

·       The University of British Columbia

·       Fanshawe College


New Zealand ·       The University of Auckland

·       Auckland University of Technology

·       The University of Otago

·       Victoria University of Wellington


Ireland ·       Trinity College Dublin

·       The University College Dublin

·       The University of Galway

·       University College Cork


What Is the Cost Of Studying a UG Course Abroad?

The exact cost of studying abroad depends on your destination, university, course, and the cost of living in the place you choose. For example, if you choose to study in the UK, the cost is generally higher than pursuing a UG course in Germany. Unlike the UK, many German institutions offer higher education for free or at a nominal cost. Nevertheless, here’s the approximate study cost for the top four study-abroad countries:

· USA: A minimum tuition fee of INR 15 lakhs per year for UG courses

· UK: The tuition fee for a UG course ranges between INR 12.5 lakhs and INR 25 lakhs per year

· Australia: A UG course on average, costs between INR 15 lakhs and 25 lakhs

· Canada: The yearly tuition fees may range between INR 5.5 lakhs and INR 28 lakhs

Scholarships to Study Abroad for Indian Students

Studying at a top-tier university in a first-world country can cost you a fortune. But don’t worry! Several merit-based and need-based scholarships are available to ease your financial burden. Make sure to have a fantastic academic record, a good skill set, excellence in sports and extracurricular activities, and so on to be eligible. Here’s a list of scholarships you can apply to study abroad:

  • TATA Scholarships
  • Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship
  • The Oxford and Cambridge Society of India Scholarship
  • JN Tata Endowment Scholarship
  • Fulbright Scholarship
  • Yale Silver Scholar Program
  • Harvard Scholarship
  • Ratan Tata Scholarship for Engineering Students
  • President Scholarship in Canada
  • Trudeau Foundation Scholarships
  • Undergraduate Academic Excellence International Scholarship in Australia
  • UNSW International Scholarships
  • Charles Darwin University Vice-Chancellor’s International High Achievers Scholarships
  • Adelaide Global Excellence Scholarships for International Students
  • A C Rayner Memorial Scholarship
  • SEG Scholarship
  • The Eamon Molloy Memorial Scholarship

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