HIKMICRO Thermal Camera for Smartphones: Compact and Powerful Outdoor Exploration

HIKMICRO, a renowned brand in thermal imaging technology, has introduced a breakthrough product – the HIKMICRO thermal camera for smartphones. Designed specifically for outdoor enthusiasts, this compact and lightweight thermal camera allows users to explore and enjoy the great outdoors with ease. With its seamless integration with Android smartphones and powerful features, HIKMICRO’s thermal camera enhances the outdoor experience like never before.


Miniature Design for On-the-Go Adventure

The HIKMICRO thermal camera for smartphones weighs less than 26g and is smaller than a watch, making it incredibly portable. This miniaturized design ensures that outdoor enthusiasts can carry it effortlessly, slipping it into their pockets or backpacks. Its lightweight construction enables users to take it along on any adventure, ensuring they never miss an opportunity to capture the thermal world around them.

Easy Installation and Seamless Connectivity

Installing the HIKMICRO thermal camera on an Android smartphone takes less than a second. By simply plugging in the E20 Plus thermal camera to the smartphone, users can start exploring the thermal world using the HIKMICRO Sight app. The wireless connectivity feature eliminates the hassle of cables, providing a seamless and hassle-free experience for users. HIKMICRO ensures that users can dive into thermal imaging right away.

Powerful Imaging Capabilities for Immersive Exploration

Equipped with a powerful 256 x 192 @ 12μm thermal detector and a 9.7mm lens, the HIKMICRO thermal camera delivers images that align with the user’s visual experience. With a wide 18.1°x13.6° field of view (FOV) and a detection range of up to 970m, outdoor enthusiasts can capture detailed thermal images and observe their surroundings with clarity. The camera’s filming at 50Hz ensures smoother high dynamic range (HDR) images, enhancing the overall visual experience.


The HIKMICRO thermal camera for smartphones optimizes outdoor exploration by combining compactness, ease of use, and powerful imaging capabilities. With quick installation and seamless connectivity, users can start exploring the thermal world right away, capturing immersive images using their Android smartphones. HIKMICRO’s commitment to high-quality thermal imaging is evident in the camera’s powerful imaging capabilities, which deliver thermal images that align with the user’s visual experience. Whether it’s birdwatching, outdoor adventures, or simply exploring the wonders of nature, the HIKMICRO thermal camera for smartphones empowers outdoor enthusiasts to see the world in a whole new way. Explore the outdoors like never before with HIKMICRO.

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