Discover the Future of Interventional Cardiology with APT Medical’s Guiding Catheter

As interventional cardiology continues to evolve, so does the need for innovative and advanced equipment. At the forefront of this evolution is APT Medical, a leading manufacturer and supplier of medical devices committed to advancing interventional medicine through technology and innovation. One such device is the APT Medical Guiding Catheter, a revolutionary tool designed to provide optimal back-up support and flexibility for various devices.

Optimal Back-up Support

The APT Medical Guiding Catheter features a polymer material with a braided design that provides excellent kink resistance, back-up support, and torque response. This unique design ensures maximum stability during cardiac interventions, even in the most complex cases. The catheter’s polymer material is specifically chosen for its ability to withstand extreme conditions, making it the ideal choice for any interventional procedure.

Soft and Atraumatic Tip

In addition to its exceptional back-up support, the APT Medical Guiding Catheter features a soft and atraumatic tip. The decreased layers of the tip ensure its softness and safety, making it gentle on the delicate coronary artery walls. The soft tip also ensures that the catheter can easily pass through tortuous and narrow vessels.

Large Lumen Design

The Guiding Catheter’s flat wire braided structure provides a bigger lumen, making it compatible with a wide range of devices. Its large lumen design allows for a smooth and compatible pathway for multiple and various devices. This feature provides clinicians with flexibility, enabling them to use multiple devices at once for faster and more efficient procedures.

Multi-Segment Design

The APT Medical Guiding Catheter also features a multi-segment design, with a stiff segment that ensures good torquability, making it easier to position the catheter with less whipping. The co-axial segments provide easier entrance of devices into the coronary artery, minimizing the risk of damage to the artery walls.


In conclusion, the APT Medical Guiding Catheter is an innovative tool that is revolutionizing interventional cardiology. Its unique design, exceptional back-up support, soft and atraumatic tip, large lumen, and multi-segment design make it the ideal choice for any interventional procedure. Trust APT Medical to guide you towards the future of interventional cardiology.

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