Claiming Insurance When You Damage Your Car: Tips To Follow

Claiming Insurance When You Damage Your Car: Tips To Follow

Being in a situation where you were the one who was responsible for causing damage to your car can be sad to deal with. Your vehicle is one of the most important possessions you have and it can feel bad if you have caused damage due to a mistake you made. If you are wondering whether you will be claiming insurance in such a predicament, then the answer is yes.

Comprehensive or Collision Coverage

This is something you need if you want to claim insurance in such a case. If you have comprehensive coverage, then you can easily claim insurance compensation even if the car damage was caused due to your fault. That is why any good Los Angeles car accident attorney suggests people take comprehensive or at least collision coverage if possible when taking out car insurance.

If you just have liability car insurance, then you won’t be able to claim. This is because this type of insurance means that you will get coverage only when the other driver is at fault.

Getting a Lawyer

If your car has been damaged because of an accident due to your fault, it can seem like you have to pay out of your pocket. While this may be the result, it does not mean that you have no other avenues left. Getting legal representation can be a good idea if you want to fight for compensation. Many times, it is up to the lawyer and what he can achieve.

Negligence Will Usually Not be Covered

It is important to understand that insurance companies will do their best not to cover claims where the person’s car damage happened due to negligence or foolhardiness. For example, if one forgot to close the windows and the rains damaged the interiors of the car, the insurer will be prone not to give any kind of compensation.

If this happens, then you will have to pay out of your pocket.

Deciding What to Do

The reason why hiring a car accident attorney is such a good idea even if you know the damage was due to you, is because you can decide what to do. Whether you should pay out of your pocket or go ahead and make the claim, is something that is best decided by an expert on the law. For instance, if the damages to your car can be fixed with almost the same amount of money as your deductibles, then it is better to pay yourself.

This is because when you make an insurance claim, it will go on your record and your rate can go up. This will mean that you are having to pay more for the same coverage.

Final Words

Of course, when you have car insurance, it can be a good thing to claim but do it smartly after understanding the pros and cons involved. This way you will make a decision that is good for your future as an insured person.

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