Separating Fact From Fiction: How Much Does Separating Fact From Fiction: How Much Does YouTube Pay?

2023 is here. Are you finally ready to take the leap and fulfill your dream of becoming a successful YouTuber? You’re in luck because in this post, not only are you going to learn how much YouTube is going to pay you for an X number of views but the most frequently asked questions about the platform will also be answered.

All the nitty gritty stuff will also be covered, such as the technical steps your channel needs to follow to put yourself in the position where YouTube will begin sending payments to your bank account. Then we’ll go through the various features within YouTube to reach your highest earning potential. So if you’re eager to learn exactly how much does YouTube pay, let’s get it on!


How Much Does YouTube Pay?

What is the monthly salary for YouTube? Before you begin your YouTuber journey you need to be asking yourself the right questions. The answer to this particular question will vary depending on the kind of mindset that you have. Be open to mistakes and failures, because you will fail many times, whether you like it or not.

And to make life easier as a beginner content creator, get a social media management software specially designed to increase your social media reach and engagement. 

So take all your failures as learning experiences and liken your mind to a sponge that is willing to absorb as much helpful information as you can. Then comes the challenging part: you need to sift through all that information, tossing out what’s useless, and keeping only what’s valuable. But first things first.

Setting Up Your Channel

For you to be paid as a YouTuber you must be in a YouTube-approved country. So if you are not based in any of the countries below, YouTube will not pay you for your channel. If you belong to these countries, you can sign up for the YouTube Partner Program:

YouTube approved countries

You need to be in a YouTube approved country for you to monetize your channel


American Samoa












Bosnia and Herzegovina





Cayman Islands



Costa Rica



Czech Republic


Dominican Republic



El Salvador




French Guiana

French Polynesia









Hong Kong































New Zealand




Northern Mariana Islands




Papua New Guinea






Puerto Rico


Republic of Ireland






Saudi Arabia



South Africa

South Korea


Sri Lanka








Turks and Caicos Islands



United Arab Emirates

United Kingdom

United States

U.S. Virgin Islands






Note: YouTube Partner Program posted that given the suspension of Google advertising systems in Russia, they will be pausing the creation of new Russian accounts on AdMob, AdSense, and Google Ad Manager. They are also pausing ads on Google properties and networks worldwide for advertisers who are based in Russia. Thus, creators in Russia will not be able to complete the new YPP sign-ups at the moment.

YouTube’s Criteria to Become Eligible for Payment

Simple infographic showing how an amazing YouTube experience can give you amazing ad revenues

Simple infographic showing how an amazing YouTube experience for viewers can give you high ad revenues

First, you need to have at least a thousand subscribers or more on your YouTube channel, and at least 4,000 hours of total watch time. So your viewers must have watched 4,000 hours of your videos during a 12-month period. On the backend of YouTube, they will actually send you a notification to let you know when your channel has already passed 4,000 hours, with a thousand subscribers and that you’re now qualified to receive payments.

At this point, YouTube will now ask for your bank details where your money will be sent. Then you have to wait up to a whole month to hear back from them to know if your channel has been approved for YouTube payments or not. If you did not get approved, you can reapply at a later stage, and once you’re finally approved you will get paid around the 24th-28th of each month. You can also check out your YouTube analytics to get an idea of how much money you can expect for each payment period.

Every time you upload a YouTube video and you get to the screen when they’re asking you to choose the type of ads you like, be they Display Ads, Overlay Ads, Sponsored Cards, Skippable Video Ads, Non-Skippable Video ads–just tick all of them. In between each payment that the platform sends you, you need to have made $100 on your channel before they send you money again.

Set Up Memberships

You can set up memberships on your YouTube channel with a monthly subscription for anyone that signs up as a member. So how does this scheme work? When you set up Memberships on your YouTube channel, you are giving your subscribers a choice of “tiers” to join in. The higher their tier, the more they have to pay and the better perks they are going to get. It’s like Twitch’s subscription option, if you subscribe, then you have access to some exclusive content. And while at it, use a social media scheduling and application platform to provide the unified solution creators like you are looking for. 

Sell Merchandise

Next, you can sell merchandise on your YouTube channel. YouTube Shopping lets eligible creators showcase their products and officially branded items on YouTube. Your viewers can browse and buy your products through the following:

Your YouTube channel store

End screen

In the product, section found below your live streams and videos

Or as a pinned product during your live streams.

You can choose to simply add a link to your YouTube channel store in your video descriptions. When your viewers click on the link, they will get a preview of your products in the store, without disrupting their viewing experience. Once they are ready to buy, they can simply click again to get to your store to complete their purchase.

Set Up a Super Chat Donation

A Super Chat happens during a live stream. When a viewer gives you a Super Chat it means he or she donated money to you and in return their message will become visible on the screen, highlighted for all the other viewers to see. You can choose to openly ask for donations, or for others, they simply give valuable answers to important questions that their viewers ask them.

For example, you can stream about being creative entrepreneurs, what does it take to be one, any tips and tricks to follow, etc. Sometimes you don’t even have to ask because when you give value to your viewers they are compelled to donate to help your channel.

So where does the money go? To find out you can head back to your YouTube dashboard, go to the Monetization tab, then go to Supers. From there you can see all the Super Chat donations that you got from your viewers. So all the money will be lumped in with your Google AdSense earnings.

Of course, you will need your bank account to be connected so YouTube can send you a direct deposit. So they put the Super Chat money and Google AdSense money together. Then YouTube takes a cut of around 30% of the total amount that you get. So if you want to do this, make sure your Super Chats are enabled and that you have agreed to their terms and conditions.

Get Sponsorships

There are three types of paid sponsorships namely: Product Sponsorships, Affiliate Sponsorships, and finally, Paid Dedicated Videos or YouTube Integrations.

Product Sponsorship is when brands send you free products to review and then make a piece of content with it. It can be small like a TubShroom to prevent hair from clogging your drain while creating that gross water puddle in your bathtub. Or it could be big like a memory foam mattress. You won’t get any money from these types of sponsorships but it’s a chance for you to get some really cool products.

Affiliate Sponsorship happens when a brand sends you a special product link and when someone clicks on that link and purchases that product or service, then you will get a small commission, which is a better rate in return for that placement in your video. This is a win-win situation for small YouTubers since it gives brands a free placement in a video, while you get a higher-than-normal commission.

Finally, there’s the paid Dedicated Videos or YouTube Integrations. Here, a brand wants you to promote its product or service on your channel and in return, you will get paid for it. This type of sponsorship is where you will get the highest amounts compared to the other sponsorships mentioned. A lot of creators do 30, 45, or 60-second integrations in videos.

Others do an entire video dedicated to solely promoting their products or service. So how much does YouTube pay for this? Some YouTubers charge from a few hundred dollars to a few hundred thousand dollars per integration. This will depend on your channel’s size, audience, niche, and the type of integration you will be doing.

How Much Does YouTube Pay and Other Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Tips and Tricks to be a Highly-Paid YouTuber?

Focus on building your channel first and make a few hundred dollars. Later on, when you have established your YouTube channel, you can easily charge tens of thousands or even more per integration. Don’t focus on bringing sponsors and making money if you’re new because the videos you make will lose the attention that they need in order to become the best that they can be.

How Much Will YouTube Pay Me for 1000 Views?

On average, YouTube will pay you $5-$6 per 1,000 views (also known as CPM or Cost Per Mille). This will vary depending on your viewer’s location and your target audience.

How Much YouTube Shorts Pay for 1 Million Views?

YouTube is another great way to make money

YouTube Shorts is another great way to make money if you know how to keep viewer’s short attention spans

If you can entertain and hold your viewers’ attention for the first three seconds and then make them stay for the next 15 or 30 seconds, then you can make money out of it. A million views on YouTube Shorts can make creators around $2,000.

Who Is the Highest Paid YouTuber?

Mr. Beast is the highest-paid YouTuber in 2022

Mr. Beast still reigns as the highest-paid YouTuber in 2022

As 2022 comes to a close, Jimmy Donaldson, a.k.a. Mr. Beast stays on top of the highest-paid YouTubers list with a net worth estimated to be over $60 million and raking in a total of 112.2 million subscribers.

How Much Does YouTube Pay for 1 Million Views?

It is similar to YouTube Shorts. A YouTube video with ads and a million views can pay creators around $2,000-$3,000.

How Much Does YouTube Pay for 1,000 Subscribers?

If your YouTube channel has a thousand subscribers, you could expect to bring in from $10-$300 in monthly revenue from AdSense.

How Much Does YouTube Pay Per Subscriber?

It will depend on the number of subscribers you have and the kind of sponsorships you bring in. But you cannot be eligible for payments unless you have reached at least a thousand subscribers and 4,000 watch hours.

How Much Does YouTube Pay and Is It All About the Money?

Of course, people want to become YouTubers for the fame and fortune that go with it, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, this should not be your only goal. You need to make sure you are also creating content that gives value to your audience. Otherwise, you will fail to attract more followers, grow your community, or continue monetizing your channel.

So, how much does YouTube pay? Just know that your monetary compensation is directly correlated to the amount of time and effort you put into your video content and YouTube channel as a whole. Contrary to what others think, it is not a get-rich-quick platform. But those who are still starting out should not fret, because, with some motivation and a lot of trial and error, you will soon be earning and getting that 1000-subscriber threshold.

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