An Inside Look Into A Portable Cold Therapy Unit

Cold water therapy has a variety of benefits. For instance, it has been proven to reduce physical pain and regulate the nervous system. So, whether your goals are to improve your physical or emotional health, cold therapy can help.

While you may have heard of some of the more luxurious forms of cold therapy, not everyone has the time for these other elaborate approaches to healing. The good news is that you don’t have to rely on cold water exposure spas to get relief. Thankfully, there are more convenient and affordable ways to benefit from cold therapy using portable devices.

Below, we dive into what you need to know about portable cold therapy units like the Breg Polar Care Kodiak. Portable cold therapy units are convenient alternatives to other cold therapy methods. For more information on how these units work and what you can expect, continue reading.

Portable Cold Therapy Units: breg polar care kodiak

  • A portable cold therapy unit, such as the breg polar care kodiak, is a portable machine used to reduce symptoms of pain. When nerve endings are numb, communication between the brain and the body is slowed, giving you less discomfort.
  • It can be time-consuming to book appointments and use ice packs. Instead, you can benefit from the convenience of a portable cold therapy unit like the breg polar care kodiak for results.
  • With your unit, you benefit from a consistent temperature every time because the cold water is circulated in the machine.
  • Not every cold therapy machine is covered by insurance. Speak with your doctor to determine the most cost-effective way to invest in the breg polar care kodiak or a similar unit for your treatment.

Uses And Features

Your doctor may advise you to invest in a portable cold therapy unit like the breg polar care kodiak to help with surgery recovery, to aid the process of injury healing, or even to use as a supplement to other cold therapy and compression therapies you may be using already.

Features of the portable cold therapy unit include:

  • motorized cold therapy (for up to 10 hours at a time)
  • temperature-adjusted control to meet patient comfort level
  • high-flow rates
  • included power supply and housing
  • therapy pads that conform to the body

The days of brutal ice baths are gone with the help of portable cold therapy units. Cold therapy units are the way to go if you’re an athlete wanting to recover faster or a patient looking for relief. You may experience faster healing than other cold therapy methods because many machines conform to your body shape with anatomically designed wraps.

Reaching Out To Your Doctor About Cold Therapy Units

If you’re recovering from surgery, overcoming an injury, or are looking for a way to speed up your recovery to get back to the sports you love, portable cold therapy units might be what you need to feel like yourself again. Reach out to your doctor to determine if portable cold therapy units are right for you.

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