Affiliate Program By KuCoin

Affiliate Program By KuCoin

Kucoin is a renowned cryptocurrency exchange platform with the user of over 18 million worldwide and a trading volume of over $1.5 billion in one day; it is one of the trusted platforms that have been highly rated for its use across all the platforms,

Kucoin is a feature-rich crypto trading platform that enables crypto traders and investors to maximize returns over investments. Kucoin has also started an referral program that provides its users an extra earning opportunity; below, we have listed all the keynotes to understand and apply for this great opportunity.Kucoin aims to grow its community. That is why they need amazing people who can become their affiliates.

How And Who Can Become An Affiliate?

This affiliate program invites YouTubers, bloggers and content creators, and writers to the promotion of Kucoin (KCS). They are actively in touch with their audience. They should have a modest number of followers on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and others, preferably those with more than 5000 followers. For communities, they should have about 500 active participants.

Promotional agents, organizations, and institutions are more than welcome for this program. They should also have an online presence and have a good idea of engaging the audience.

Please fill out the form; the form contains some basic information it would ask about your language, the platform from which you can promote Kucoin, your number of followers, a URL of your platform, your name, Kucoin ID, email, and some other questions.

Once you fill out the form, which would take 5 minutes, the Kucoin team will reach out to you.

Promoting Links

Once you have become an affiliate, create referral links and invite your followers to join through them. Remember, you have to do this amicable and not in a sales way. Try to make this whole process fun; you also have the liberty to use different channels and online platforms.

Benefits Of Becoming An Affiliate

Becoming a Kucoin affiliate is that you have a great chance to earn; if a person joins the platform with your referral link, 45% of his trade will be awarded to you as a direct commission. Also, if you invite others through a link, you can earn a sub-affiliate commission of 5% of his trade.

Many internet personalities have become Kucoin’s affiliates and attracted thousands of people to this platform.


The criteria for the sub-affiliate commission is that if A invites B to the platform and B invites C to the platform, the A would be receiving 5% of C’s transactions. At the same time, B would get 40% of C’s transactions hence creating a win/win situation.

Important Rules

  1. The commission is awarded every week
  2. Inviting yourself to the platform is not permissible. If someone does so, this will result in termination of the program.
  3. You can bring as many people as you want to this platform, and also no limit on commissions.

So, please don’t waste this golden opportunity and jump into this platform and bring along your followers to earn commissions without doing any hassle; Kucoin is a rich platform with several earning opportunities Affiliate program is one of them that could yield hefty results.

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