A Guide on Staying Safe While Gaming Online 

A Guide on Staying Safe While Gaming Online 

According to statistics, around 3.24 billion gamers around the world have participated in at least one gambling activity. That’s almost half of the population. Gamers participate in various types of casino games, such as slots, VR games, e-sports, table games, and card games.

No matter what type of games you choose to play, you’re likely to encounter risk on all sides. Therefore, it is incredibly important to identify how you are gonna handle certain situations and eliminate problems, especially those that pose risks.

Step 1: Legit license 

If you’re a big fan of PC games and like to play desktop games, then you should hunt for potential sites that have been licensed and regulated under an authorized gambling body. Online casinos are popular all around the world for their sophisticated features and access to all types of games and sports betting markets. These casinos were introduced to start a new age of gambling, a platform where people could play without revealing any personal information, and experience real money with all the added benefits of bonuses and promotions.

There are thousands of casinos on the net – and not all of them are licensed. To ensure you’re in safe hands, use review sites like Reddit or Quora to get a general idea of what current users think about the site. Also, read the terms and conditions thoroughly to find any loopholes in it. Look for a license and authenticity of the logo, if you ever plan on joining an online casino.

Step 2: Minimize Use of Loot Boxes and In-Game Purchases 

The console games, loot boxes, and in-game purchases are available on every casino site. These merchandise are very valuable and often require one to purchase them. However, there are certain risks involved in buying them.

For example, in the FIFA Ultimate Team mode, in order to purchase card packs, you need to have FIFA points which can be very expensive(as they use real money). The more packs you open, the more depleted your bankroll will get. Therefore, be careful while making in-game purchases since your credit card is linked to your bankroll, making it more vulnerable to instant purchases.

Step 3: Don’t Click on Phishing Messages 

Phishing messages are pervasive among the online gaming community, or in any financial sector. Most of these scams are designed to lure in players and extract personal information from them. Never open unknown links or websites, as you’re one click away from having your account details stolen.

Gamers, especially PC users, must keep an eye out for such threats. Remember, legit online casinos will never SMS or email you regarding your personal information. As soon as you see a red flag, report it and block it, this will help in preventing the scam from spreading further.

Step 4: Change Your Username if It Includes Personal Details 

Create a username that is completely different from your actual name, as including personal details will further create a security risk, as scammers can easily guess your actual identity effortlessly. Therefore, avoid batting in hackers by making your username unique and unrecognizable.

Step 5: Game Mods

Mods are usually games where you can alter the settings of the game through code. Some companies allow it, they allow you to download the software and make any changes to it. For e,g, you can download GTA V on your PC, and enhance the game’s features.

Mods are often fully risk-free and benign. But if you download one from a dubious source and one that hasn’t been tested by the community, you run the danger of infecting your computer with malware and viruses. Make sure to read the reviews and make sure they are authentic before downloading any mods. You can download a mod file as soon as you’re certain it’s safe.

Step 6: Use Strong Passwords 

Strong passwords mean strong accounts. Passwords should have the following elements in them:

  • Letters
  • Numbers
  • Special symbols

Also, don’t go for a password that includes personal information, such as birth date, address, pet’s name, mother’s name, and so on. Make sure it is entirely random and unique, making it difficult for hackers to crack it.

Step 7: File a Harassment Report 

Thankfully, reporting any players who are harassing or bullying you online is quite simple. If you’re being persistently harassed share details with your friends, you can file a report with the game publisher or the console you’re using, depending on the details of the incident.

For example, on PlayStation, you can report someone and also ban them at the same time. This is a terrific way to improve community relations while simultaneously protecting your online safety.

Step 8: Utilize a VPN at the End 

Using a VPN is your final option (Virtual Private Network). When you play online games on a PC or mobile device, you should definitely consider using a VPN. This is because a VPN conceals your IP address from would-be hackers and online fraudsters. Given this, utilizing a VPN is obvious from the start. With complete protection and anonymity, hackers are unable to observe you or your activities.

You can use a lot of VPNs for nothing. Others demand monthly subscription payments or one-time purchases. More security features are typically offered by VPNs that require payment.


When it comes to security, it is important to take certain measures on your side and not solely depend on the platform for security. We, as good users should know which information to provide and which to withhold. Sign up on Kheloo and get access to free bonuses and promotions to make your way to victory.

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