4 Items To Buy in Bulk For a Winter Charity Drive

4 Items To Buy in Bulk For a Winter Charity Drive

With winter just around the corner, having thoughts of cozy nights curled up in warm, comfy throws and crackling fires comes to mind. While you are making your winter holiday list this time of year consider adding items bought in bulk for the less fortunate in your community. Warm blankets along with throws, hats, gloves, and hand warmers are great additions to care packs for needy families during the cooler seasons.

For some additional ideas on what to buy in bulk for a winter charity drive, keep reading below.

  1. Fleece Blankets

Charity groups are always in need of supplies to distribute, and fleece blankets are appreciated by everyone. Conveniently these gifts are one size fits all. Buying fleece blankets in bulk is an excellent way to give the gift of warmth to those less fortunate in the cooler seasons. Fleece blankets are known for being warm without being bulky, which is a bonus when you have limited storage space. These blankets also come in a wide selection of colors and patterns, making them terrific for adults and children.

  1. Hats and Gloves

Staying comfortable on cold, windy days is so much easier when you have a set of hats and gloves to keep you warm. Unisex-designed hats and gloves can be purchased in bulk, making it a snap to give bundles to charity drives. Available in adult, youth, and children’s sizes, it is easy to make a difference when you buy bulk hats and gloves for donation. Contact the charity of your choice for information on how to drop off supplies for the current drive in your area.

  1. Warmers

When the nights get longer and the temperatures fall, staying warm can be a real challenge for anyone who is exposed to the elements. Buying and donating warmers for a winter charity drive is a thoughtful addition to items such as fleece blankets in bulk. Combined with warm clothes and blankets, a range of warmers are available in models for hands, feet, and body, and can really make the difference between not freezing and actually staying warm.

  1. Weatherproof Tents

Staying out of the elements is much easier when you have a tent that is easily packed and portable. With tents suitable for both adults and children, you can purchase these items by the case to benefit a wide range of people who need to stay warm and dry. These tents can actually be used inside or outside, wherever you need portable, convenient privacy. Consider adding fleece blankets in bulk to a tent to really make a difference.

The Gift of Comfort

There are many ways to help the less fortunate this season and colder days are just around the corner. By giving the gift of comfort in the form of bulk fleece blankets and other warming necessities, you are helping charities distribute much-needed supplies to the population that needs them the most in your community. Consider buying and donating cold weather supplies for this winter’s charity drives near you.

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