What is blocking? Bet to win prizes

Bet to win prizes is one of the folk games, developed on an online platform, serving the entertainment needs of people. When playing games, you can both collect game winnings and have the opportunity to exchange rewards from the card game exchange portal. Now let’s find out with Nhà cái 789BET how to play.

What is blocking? Bet to win prizes

First of all, fighting is a folk game, a popular game in Vietnam, they are played similar to tom tom. Although at first glance the playing card looks similar to the shrimp nest, the total army of the shrimp nest is up to 120 pieces, but the blocking card is only 100 pieces. Another characteristic, the card has a long shape, and is slightly flat, not as big as the 52-card playing cards we often see.

When playing the card game, you will have a total of 100 cards, each card has different numbers and images. When playing, you are forced to memorize these symbols. At first, it is a bit difficult, but as you play for a long time, you will naturally remember them.

Usually the cards “chan” and “tom tom” will be played on holidays. During feudal times, mandarins and village chiefs often met to play this card game. The original form of play was just placing small bets, but gradually with the trend of entertaining games, plus the expansion of technology, card games were developed with a completely different scope.

As we see today that isbet to exchange prizes, you do not have to use cards like your grandparents used to play, but instead use your phone or computer to go online to access the game. And the betting capital will be loaded into the game, when you qualify and win the game, you can withdraw money back to my bag.

Distinguish cards

As you know, a deck of cards will have 100 cards, the inside of the cards will have pictures and symbols to distinguish them. At the same time, the cards also have words, they are divided into card suits, and include 3 suits: Van, Van and Book. The remaining text is to differentiate the cards according to numbers: Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, That, Eight, and Nine. And divided like that, each type will have 4 leaves.

To remember and distinguish cards, the important thing is memory. To help you play bets and win prizes smoothly, here’s how to help you distinguish the numbers on the cards:

  • Second: There are 2 horizontal strokes.
  • Tam: There are three horizontal lines and the middle line is shorter than the top and bottom two lines.
  • Tu: has a square shape and has two hooks inside.
  • Ngu: shape similar to the letter h
  • Green: above there are dots, up to dashes and below there are two legs.
  • That: looks like a stylized t
  • Bat: two strokes to both sides
  • Nine: looks quite similar to the capital letter R, but has a separate beginning.

In fact, those who know Chinese characters will quickly remember these numbers when playing card games.

As for memorizing the card elements, there is an oral saying as follows: Van square, Van cross, Book zigzag. Although it sounds quite funny, this is the point that helps people quickly remember when playing block cards.

In addition, the cards are also divided by color. In a deck of cards, there will be 20 red cards, including nine thousand, nine thousand, eight thousand, eight thousand and chi chi. And the remaining 80 pieces are colorless, and are often called white players.

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Steps to ensure reward exchange

It’s quite difficult to say whether it’s difficult or not to bet on winning prizes, or whether it’s easy. If you are familiar with it, of course the card will be easy, but if you are not familiar, the card will be quite difficult. Below is the order of how to play cards and cards, and if you are interested, look further to know.

First, when entering the round, there will usually be 3 – 5 players and are also called squash three, squash four, squash five, usually the most beautiful will have 4 players, and is called squash four. When dealing cards, each person is dealt an initial number of 19 cards, the remaining number will be placed in the middle of the table called the pile, during the playing process, you will draw cards from here.

The rules for dealing cards when playing card game are two people, 100 cards will be divided into two parts and two people will be responsible for dividing the cards into 5 equal parts. When done, there will be an excess of 5 cards. . The 5 small parts divided by the two people will be combined into 5 large parts, 4 parts will be divided among 4 players, the remaining part will be the hole card, the 5 extra cards will be put into the hole card.

Next, one of the two dealers will draw a random card from the pile to make the leader card, this is also the card that decides who gets to go first. To determine, everyone looks at the card, with the convention that chi is 1, two is 2, and tam is 3. And choose the person holding the card by counting 1 from the person who draws the card, in a counter-clockwise circle and the person who makes the card will hold the card and play the card.

When you bet to exchange prizes, you can choose to play cards, either pick from the pin, eat, return or win. There will often be cases such as:

  • Left side: when capturing a piece, you must place the piece you captured in your lap and then turn the piece face up to form a corner or block the piece in your hand and place it face up on top of it. If you place your piece first and then place the winning piece on top, it is called a blind bet.
  • Playing with pictures: In your hand, your cards can win a block, but they can win a card. In case Chiu wins but wins normally, placing only 1 card on top of your card is also called Hanging.
  • Choose a card: separate 1 card from an existing card on the card to take a new card.
  • Taking a bet and waiting: means that there is a piece in your hand that is waiting to take a bet when you have 5 cards or more.
  • There is a card to fight: you take 1 card from the card in your hand to play the card
  • Leave a block to take a block: If you have missed a certain piece as a block, then later try to block that same piece.
  • If you miss a shield, you can steal a piece: when you miss a certain piece as a shield, the next time you capture the same piece.
  • If you miss a card, take a bet: If you miss a certain piece and make a bet, then later take the same piece.
  • Leave a shield to attack: You missed a certain piece as a shield, then later played that same piece.
  • Bet to win: Once you have played 1 card (2 cards), you cannot take any more cards in the future.
  • Tear off a card to win a card: If you previously played a piece in a card, you cannot use that card to take a card again.
  • Play a piece first and then capture the same piece later.
  • Play doubles to block it
  • Ate one and then hit the same one again
  • Bet and then steal again in the same row.
  • Bet out when you have won before.
  • Take the bet and then bet on the same number.

Those are the actions and steps you can take when betting to redeem rewards. It sounds simple, but in reality, when you practice playing, you will have the opportunity to proceed and get used to this way of playing.

Above is the information shared about betting for rewards, the game rules are quite complicated and of course difficult to remember in one play. You need to have practical experience and practice playing the game to be able to win the game quickly. When playing, everyone needs to pay attention, review all information accordingly, and prepare playing capital. Wishing you all have fun playing experiences when playing block, don’t forget to follow and update many related entertainment information.

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