Increase your value in the job market with an Advanced Certification Program in Human Resources

Fun fact: Human Resources jobs are one of the few job roles that still can’t be replaced by AI. Do you know why?

In Human Resources development, the ultimate skill is to master building relations and innovative solutions, which only the human mind can do. Hence, IIT schools build leaders who excel in the meticulous process of human resource planning.

With a glamorous position comes grave challenges, making the scope of human resource management extremely competitive. Companies are more likely to choose IIT graduates for Human Resource Jobs because they bring with them the promise to deliver perfection.

Don’t opt for Great: Opt for the ‘Extraordinary

Undoubtedly, every online Human Resource course teaches you the right curriculum with comprehensive e-books and lecture notes. But ask yourself: Are you training the right way?

You have unique skills that require a personal touch of guidance. You may have questions that need answers. You need a course that communicates with you. After all, the importance of human resource management builds on communication

IIT means excellence because it believes in training that is sincere, interactive, and adheres to the objectives of human resource management.

There is a way you can strengthen your resume by training with a course that builds you to master the compelling field of Human Resources jobs. It’s time you differentiate yourself from the rest!

Enhance your profile with an IIT certificate in Human Resources

To make learning personalised for you, E&ICT Academy IIT Guwahati teamed up with the country’s top Edtech institution, Expertrons, to build the most dedicated training course!

Pursuing Human Resources development will be 10x smoother when you train with Expertrons and get certified with E&ICT Academy IIT Guwahati. Your potential deserves training that makes you a master in Human Resource jobs.

E&ICT Academy IIT Guwahati provides exceptional guidance to increase your employability and growth by 5x. As a result, NIRF ranks it among the top ten finest institutions in the country.

They believe in Expertron’s training because they want to help hard-working aspirants like you so that you can excel in the core principles of human resource management.

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Here is how you get trained the right way with Expertrons:

  • Get domain-specific training with interactive ‘Live’ sessions by dedicated career counsellors
  • Gather the latest industry skills by learning from Expertrons’ 6000+ industry experts
  • Get your training certified by E&ICT Academy IIT Guwahati to increase your chances of getting an 80% salary hike with upskilling and landing one of the top Human Resources jobs in India

Your training with Expertrons and its partner, E&ICT Academy IIT Guwahati, will help you implement fundamentals on the importance of human resource planning with the best hands-on approach and guidance!

The best part?

As your skills outshine every other candidate, your potential earnings will increase much faster with E&ICT Academy IIT Guwahati certification on your resume!

In just 24 weeks of your IIT Certificate in HR training, you’ll achieve:

  • A spot among the top 3% of Human Resource professionals in our country!
  • Knowledge of domain-specific skills from the IIT verified curriculum transforms you into a valuable asset!
  • Increase your chances of getting hired by 5x! The best training bears the best result, and Expertrons promises you that.

Not sure if HR is right for you? Test your skills today!

There is always a path if you are still confused about pursuing a career in HR. The most beneficial way to set your goals is to measure your abilities through a self-evaluation test.

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Accelerate your career success in Human Resources today

One can excel in the power of communication in Human Resources jobs only with certified training that teaches them the value of communication. Expertrons’ interactive course, certified by E&ICT Academy IIT Guwahati, is your next step if you want to see yourself among the top 3% of India’s HR professionals.

Get extensively trained, get IIT-certified, and nothing can stop you from leading the HR world!

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