Do you want the best Australian custom builders? Global Prefabricated Kit Homes combine the innovations of renowned architects with the dedication of accomplished builders to build your ideal home.

The Dream Home, designed to fit your needs, is built to your specifications! It’s Time To Build Your Dream Custom Home!


Our goal is to help you achieve your dream home. Our company is dedicated to providing you with the most current home designs. By working with us, you can transition from a rented apartment to a well-designed, airy, ventilated, and spacious apartment.

Besides being the leading Aussie Custom Builders, we also offer a huge range of residential construction services, including brand new construction, luxury homes, fully-custom, semi-custom homes, high and medium density projects, and unique log hybrid, of course, kit homes. According to the wise saying, “Home is where the heart is.” We look forward to helping you make your dream house a reality.


In our construction plan, we offer a range of options and services that are like:

  • Trust and punctuality We are punctual and trustworthy in the event of dates. We complete our work within the timeframe we have promised or even sooner.
  • Construction that is economically priced – With us, you do not have to be concerned about your budget. We care about the requirements of our clients and make sure to do our best in the given budget.
  • Innovative thinking – We’re always up to date with the latest trends in design and interiors. We then add our creative flair and our client’s suggestions to make their space more appealing and relaxing.
  • We are financially stable – As an established Global Brand, we hold an extremely powerful influence on the market and can offer every benefit that can favor our clients.
  • Planning The work we do is planned with a clear schedule. Our projects are started with the blueprints created by our staff which provide clarity on budgets and plans for our clients. In the event of an error in the plans, we inform our clients about the error to ensure openness among us.
  • Experiential Employees – We at Global are aware of the feeling of being privileged to have our own home. To ensure that everything is perfect, we have a team of highly trained employees who have sufficient experience in their field and important knowledge of their specializations.

Our motto is “Action speaks louder than words,” so we suggest talking less and working more. Hence, instead of just swanking about our name, we focus on our work efficiency.


It’s not difficult that the customers will have many thoughts on why only Global? Or why not other Australian custom builders? We’d be more than happy to address these questions. At Global Custom Homes, the customers are our priority, and therefore we consider them our family. We fully understand the feelings of building their dream home, whether it’s in the beginning or not. We take care of each client with specific guidance and individual attention. This sets us apart from other builders and builders on the market.


Ours is a professional team that includes experts from all fields that work in unison throughout the months to make the trip to your dream home unforgettable. The people we employ are mainstays that make us strong. Due to their immense talent, skills, and commitment to excellence, we’re considered one of the top Australian custom builders. The highly effective team includes:

  1. Project managers oversee the execution and planning of all projects. They also ensure that tasks are completed within the deadline.
  2. Cost Planners: they create an estimate of the project you propose. If it is over the budget, they will find an option to speed it more affordable.
  3. Design Managers are the primary coordinators of the design and structure of your home.
  4. Contract Administrators: They manage and carry out the contract process between our customers and us.
  5. Site and Construction Managers: They are responsible for the construction process overseen by subcontractors who work on the construction site.

Therefore, our team members are focused on each aspect related to our client’s projects and are working towards the smooth operation of the same.


Most people feel most in their homes. In our minds, we protect the needs of our clients by creating homes that are specifically tailored to their needs and desires. Each decision relating to these homes is only made after the approval of our clients.

We, as the well-known Australian Custom Builders first, require every detail of everything you’d like to see in your dream home. Your information could come in any form, like an existing house as an image, a sketch, a few additional features such as room layouts, or a simple image in your head. We are grateful for every information you give and strive to incorporate all of it to create a home that is similar to the home you’ve always desired.

So, you can trust us to assist you in the success of your dream venture and also give us the chance to be part of the beautiful journey.

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Global, we are not just concerned about our gains. Global We are not just concerned with our results, but also about the collective benefits of our employees and customers and employees. When we construct these projects, we build an emotional bond with our customers and, too, with us. The construction of homes isn’t just how we earn money, but also has deeper motives.

As a well-known Australian Custom Builder, it’s a satisfaction to fulfill the hopes of thousands of people to remain in their hearts, constantly creating their dream homes. Although it requires an enormous amount of perseverance and effort to build an ideal home, the satisfaction from the customer makes all the work and effort worth it. The smiles of our clients following the successful completion of their dream home are the main reason for our existence.

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